021a-Novelty and Representation making

When we look at representation making, one of the key features is novelty.  Representation making processes, such as human computation, produces novel results.  At the point of the result, we become aware of the result.   This follows the axiom,  that an object = the awareness of the object.   [ x = Aw:x ]

When a computational result is novel, when does the object become and object of awareness?  It becomes an object at the moment of representation.  And in fact, we can see this process in ourselves as we do computations.  We may not know an exact answer as we do a computation, but we can guess at what the answer might be.  

For instance, what is the square root of 24587?    We immediately know it's something much less than 24587.  We know it's not going to be even because it ends in 7, an odd number.   So even though we do not know what the answer might be, we have made representations of what it is not, and that it should be less than 200.   The fact that we have made these representations brings them into awareness.  

For any kind of computational process, the act of human computation produces awareness of the objects and processes of computation.  The is demonstrated.   Incorrect computations will produce incorrect awareness.  The objects of incorrect awareness are extant, but they are not "true" in the context of the computation.  This was discussed previously.  

what about other kinds of novelty?   

Say music novelty?

Getting Jokes:

This is where representation has to be made to understand the joke, to understand the contradiction.  If a person does not get the joke, it means they did not or cannot make the representational connection, the association to see the contradiction. **look for the established literature on this**
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