029-The physical world as qualia

Why do we have physical experiences and non-physical experiences?  How, and why do we distinguish between unicorns and horses?  

the reason we have physical experiences and non-physical experiences is because of representation.  There is a body of representations that consistently go together, and this group of representations we call physical experience.  

what do we mean by consistent in this context.  We mean that there are a group of representations which co-occur.  

the power of hallucinations is that the bulk of representations that are experienced that indicate physical experience co-occur with some representations that are atypical of physical experience.  Psychedelic experience is when non-physical experiences co-occur with physical experience.  

When the qualia we call physical experience co-occurs with the qualia of non-physical experience.  Ordinarily this does not happen, because the co-occurance features of physical representations simply do not happen with the non-physical representations.  The separation between the physical and non-physical is not a separation of fact, it is a separation of representation.  

From an evolutionary point of view, it seems like it is a bad idea to mix up the two experiences regularly.  But it's not a bad idea to mix them up sometimes.  The fact that psychedelics work at all is a testament to the feature and advantages of hallucinatory  and psychedelic experience.  That is, hallucinations serve a survival advantage.  
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