046-Ecology from Stigmergy

agents containing different processes produce ecological behavior when they act stigmergically.

cellular automata, as a model is a good one to show ecological behavior with two exceptions:
1) the rules of each automata are determined by individual processes - that is each automata is a program which contains it's own set of processes.  Not all automata are using the same program.

2) cellular automata respond to messages in the environment.  in a traditional CA the cells respond to the value of their nearby neighbors (although this is only a matter of convenience).  in a stigmergic model, the cells consume messages and produce a new message.  

As a model, this approach is on of cellular agents, which themselves contain automata.  the agents which interact may be cellular automata or networked configurations of cellular automata.  For clarity, we will calls these agents or cells.  How the agent or cell works internally is not as important as showing the ecological behavior.  

In a true ecological system, the consumption of messages would lead to the development of processes within cells and the development of more cells.  
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