070-Basic Model: outline: how to transition from rep theory to ai problems, and then to ai making

The development of a basic model is a collection of the ideas and concepts that I worked through as necessary to construct a workable machine consciousness. 

Rep theory (which is basically done - make sure the change model is explained)

make sure that duality is described.  it's important for doing any kind of grouping and ungrouping  for doing synthesis and analysis. duality is a key observational fact about representation.  duality is the key feature of mirroring

have to lay out all the arbitrariness arguments.  the profound arbitrariness of representation is key to similarity and difference, to representation itself, but especially to meaning.  it's why a  change in perspective can change meaning.  

make sure to describe representation and representation making takes as two forms   (a,b) -> c  or (a,b) ; C     the one is a transformation.  the other is information.  they both are representation and representation functions and making.   but they serve different purposes.   (in chemistry, they are both transformations  (a,b) -> c   and (a,b) -> d   but d is an informational transformation and c is a functional transformation.  (some other d related process likely reverts d to (a,b)  or there is some catalyst process with a protein to produce information.    function and awareness.  


representation issues:

problems for making an ai
this is all the stuff i had to go over and why it was useful or didn't work. 
what is going on in biology?  

Basic Model:  
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