073b-Approaching a basic model - must be concurrent [20120906]

the world is made of material, and processes.

things are material and meanings are things ;(material, meaning)

the sequence (material, meaning) vs (meaning, material) is where?  is it implicit ??   (material,material, meaning)  (material, meaning, material).  these structures only exist in the body not in the world because the meaning is a representation (material;material)  the representatin of things happens in  a body.  or a body makes external process and abstractions from material outside of itself. 

we embody the representations we make.  

abilities are made up processes.   ability ; (process, process, process)

of course structures are not necessarily chains.  they can be maps, really, they are networks.   a process network would entail concurrent processes, where a chain is just a series of processes.  

having one computer processor immediately makes us confront the problem of how to process a network of activity as a chain.  it forces us into forcing a representation of a more complex thing(a network) as a more simple thing(a sequence)... it's no wonder it's hard to conceive of computation AI, when the natural basis of structuring processes is taken away from the AI and put into the programmer.   the loss of concurrency really does represent a loss of representational ability by an AI... why?  because the body of an organism is naturally made up of concurrent processes, and that is lost in our basic computational model which is sequential.

the whole body of processes has to become a string of processes on a single processor.  even if it's an indeterminate string, the string has to be constantly reconfiguring itself.  so that stuff at the end of the string simply doesn't get processed?  or it gets shuffled?  no... the fact of forcing concurrency into a string of processes is what takes away representational structure.    representations must always being going on.  They demand concurrency. 

Concurrency is necessary because of immediacy. 

In a single process automata, the processor must have a string of actions that it performs.  it is a chain of processes.   Therefore, the inputs to that process are what dominate the process itself.  for memory factors to alter the dominating process, the system requires memory initiated processes to first gain sufficient resources to gain priority over the input process and then to alter the running code shift outputs from inputs and into the memory directed action. 

in an operating system, the kernel acts as an arbiter for similar processing.  But the problem is what is the immediate process?  in a string of processing, the immediate process will always dominate.  there is no mechanism for memory functions to dominate because there must be a kind of competitive balancing of resources and the acquiring of resources to shift the computation around to different processes.  

thus in a single processor, a back log of memory related actions will accumulate that should receive processing time, but they will never receive that time because the immediate input/output process will always consume the available resources.  if they do not consume the available resources, then there is some function that controls how the processor works.  A prioritizer if you will.   which is a violation of the material and automata nature of an AI and a violation of it's crafting it's own representations into a structure.   What decides the order of the prioritzer?  that is a representation. 

but if memory processes get time from different processors, then processors merely need to send different kinds of signals to other processors to recruit processor power into input or memory related functions.   the processors can behave stigmergicly with each other by inserting messages/code into each others process strings,chains, tapes.  

another way to look at this is that one process is always going to be an automata.   but a group of processes that create representations (especially of each other as a body) will look more and more like an intelligence with awareness.  or it will become more and more intelligent and aware... if all the processes can manage themselves.  (the homeostasis problem).

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