001-What are we trying to do? How can we do it better?

002-The magic of consciousness [story]

003-Artificial Intelligence and the importance of philosophy

004a-Hello Mr. Descartes

004b-We are Descartes

004c-What are thoughts?

004d-Experience, difference, and similarity

004e-Inescapable experience... contents and awareness

004f-Stuff exists because of experience

005a-Stuff, awareness and representation

005b-what kind of universe

006a-messaging, reporting and shared simulation



007-Representation theory proposed

007a-Awareness in two parts

007b-Awareness Functions

007c-Awareness miscellaneous thoughts

007d-Awareness and brief thoughts on philosophy


009-Association as Representation - as is ;

009-Symbolic representation logic

009a-identity of awareness and representational equivalence

009c-Handed Representation logic or path

009d-Naming and testing representations

009e-Machine Processing

010-Awareness and representation illustrated

011-Helen Keller

011a-Why representation first or AI ESP

012-Motion and Representation

012a-Representation Expression

013-Some Symbolic expression of objects and representations

013a-Connecting, disconnecting, substitution - Representation making

014-Make a mind

015-Representations Extent and Arbitrary

015a-Arbitrary and Evaluation

016-Representation making is continuous

017-Representation making is a causal force

018-Creating an AI or repper - awareness problems and issues


019a-flow differentiation similarity

020-Error and Meaning

020a-Co-incident LIKE Synchronicity

021-Definitional awareness

021a-Novelty and Representation making

021b-Homomorphism, Truth, and representation

029-The physical world as qualia

029a-Distribution of representations

030-simulation and matter - 1st person and 3rd person perspective - accepting the physical universe

031-Descartes the USB stick


040-Physical laws are not programs but descriptions



042-representation and evolution

042-the cell


046-Ecology from Stigmergy

047-Systems Biology

050-body_brain to neuron to protein

070-Basic Model: outline: how to transition from rep theory to ai problems, and then to ai making

071a-Approaching a Basic Model - representation - all the way down. simulation [20120623]

071b-Approaching a basic model [20120714]

072-basic model - part6 circuits, time, and representation. [20120805]

073-basic model - material with no meaning [20120903]

073a-Approaching a basic model: where is the commutative property? [20120905]

073b-Approaching a basic model - must be concurrent [20120906]