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2443.000 sotd: 20080630: arthole at a festival blog
I spent an evening and a couple dark hours at the arts festival.
Wish I could have spent more time. I didn't see everything I wanted
to, but I did catch Purr Bats ( ) and got a
couple of their tshirts on Friday. I saw Pink Lightning on Saturday,
and got a tshirt. Both were FREAKING AWESOME!

The first day I avoided buying any art. But when I went back at
10:30 on Saturday to see Pink Lightning, that all changed. I picked
up a great little glass piece by Julie Stutznegger ( http:// ) and I just couldn't get some flies out of
my head. One of my favorite artists, Erin Berrett, ( http:// ) had painted these little flies that I kept
thinking about.

Her paintings are simultaneously painterly, and not painted at all.
They have a quality of arising from the paint itself. The paint is
both thick and thin and makes the pictures look like they came about
from some sort of pigmentary auto-genesis. And they almost always
have horizon lines. Something I myself have enjoyed exploring for
it's own sake.

So here are the two flies I bought and a song to go with them.
Initially, I liked the one on top. but I've become enamored of the
bottom one as it sits on my desk. There is a small divot of paint in
the upper left of the bottom painting that is barely visible in the
photo. I really like it. I love that the flies have a quality of
menace to them too.

Fly 5:40 Cornelius Point 9/6/06 10:43 AM 6/30/08 11:44 AM Electronica/
Dance 7 192 kbps 7.8 MB

10 Fly.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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