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So Purr Bats were awesome at the Arts Fest. And after Elek came
upstairs wearing the purr bats shirt, that was as good an excuse as
any. Plus it went well with the image I was working on below.

I'm arting out. I've been checking out Gerhard Richter's paintings
(never mind the little cache I scored last night at kayo). Looking
at Richters paintings, I love them! But oddly, I don't really go for
the Richter-esque wash technique I see in so much local art. I
JUST DON'T GET IT! The Richter paintings look like they were fun
to paint. (Especially the "messy" abstracts which remind of some
recent Dennis Philips work) But it's that quality of fun that
attracts me to them. Fun to paint, fun to look at.

Fun to paint. Some of my very early memories are of making
watercolor abstracts by folding the paper to make accidents with the
colors and shapes . And the fun I had looking at them when I opened
them back up. Why was one better than an another? How does a good
one get made? How can you tell the difference? It's funny how 35+
years later, I'm still exploring the ideas I found interesting then.

Ferocious Fire-Breathering Frou-Frous 4:43 Purr Bats And The Cows
Came Home In Pirouette 6/29/08 2:34 PM 7/3/08 11:05 AM Children's
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2011-05-28 19:47:48

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