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I like porn, but that's not really surprising is it? Besides, that's
not my confession.

One thing I REALLY like about some porno's is when there are
paintings in the backgrounds. Euro porn tends to be better in this
respect. But there is some US porn shot in rich mansions around Los
Angeles that have art on the walls. And I am fascinated by seeing
art in those porno's because it's REAL ART. Sometimes the art looks
really interesting. Gay porno's are sometimes better in this respect.

I saw the movie Hancock the other day. And the PR guys house had
lots of great art. A lovely Ed Ruscha mountain for instance. They
made it look REAL.

There is a scene in the animated movie the Incredibles where the
stretch mom is putting away the laundry. Behind her is a great
little painting. All virtual of course. I found myself just
leaving the TV on with that scene paused at the point where she walks
out of the room, showing the full painting. It had a certain quiet
ordinary Vermeer like beauty about it.

I have a few friends who have paintings hanging in their houses.
For some it's easy to see they are enjoyed. For others I wonder how
the art gets experienced.

How are they experienced? How does it feel for them?

I like putting art in my bedroom. It's the one place where I can
really live with it.

Yesterday at the Springville Art Museum was wonderful. The Wayne
Thiebaud was good. Different in real life. I learned a few
things. He works in an interesting way. Clearly they are paintings
that grow the longer I could spend with them.

But I saw something there out of the corner of my eye. The Spring
Salon show was still up. and there was much local art on display...
and for sale.

And I confess that I saw one painting I want to buy.

The moment it peaked at me through a door way I liked it. I
carefully avoided looking at it when I finally entered the room. I
looked at all the other abstract paintings and that one at the
end. I just couldn't take my eyes off it.

In the museum, there were a few Fairbanks sculptures, I particularly
liked flower girl. It has a certain erotic quality. But this one
painting just grabbed me. I've attached it below. It presents me
with a huge problem.

I could afford to buy it, especially if the artist will do payments
or something.

But I don't know where to put it. It's 94.5" x 120" That is 8
feet by 10 feet. I have maybe two walls in my whole house that
could accommodate it. But that wouldn't make me happy.

I want to live with it. I want to fall asleep and wake up with it.
I want to see it as the light changes over the course of year, hiding
and revealing. I want to know what the blue feels like when I get sick.

perhaps it's Klimt like qualities are what do it for me. I don't know.

I kept looking at it and thought, "I have to live somewhere where I
can hang it". Then I thought, "wouldn't it be great just to sleep
in a sleeping bag under it?"

Really, there must be something wrong with me. Trying to pick out
the song of day and looking at the crappy picture from my phone only
make it worse. The picture seems to respond well to different kinds
of music.

And here is how porno comes into it.

Once in awhile, I come across a porno that has some picture in the
background. And the picture looks so interesting that the reason
for watching the porno (the action) fades into the background as I
pause, skip back and forward in the internet video to get a better
look at the painting in the background.

This is that kind of painting to me.

The artist is Steven Sam Stradley. I've seen some of his work at
Kayo Gallery. Maybe I'll have to go in there on Monday.

Maybe I should email him this song of the day?

Cool Down 3:18 Andy C Drum & Bass Selection 3 9/6/06 10:44 AM 4/8/04
11:28 PM Soundtrack 3 192 kbps 4.6 MB 03 Cool Down.mp3

He is the same artist that did that SUPER awesome 434 panel
installation at Art Access a few months back. Some were good, some
okay. But as a whole it was really interesting.

I think I just better get back to work on that bathroom. Last night
the sink drain disconnected from the old cast iron pipe as I was
putting up sheetrock. somehow I have to fix that. How it never came
out before I'll never know. it wasn't even really screwed in right,
and now it won't screw in at all. The threads have rusted out of
the cast iron.
2011-05-28 19:47:48

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