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2456.000 sotd: 20080713: No jam, but driving with marble blog
Yesterday resulted in apricots, but by the time I got home, it was
too late for jam. And I was so tired, I feel asleep when I laid down

for just a minute at 8pm. I did get to hang with family and
friends, watch some Pippi Longstocking, which was dubbed (horribly)
from the original swedish TV show. I also ate the yummiest
cupcakes. I'll be getting more of those things.

But today, listening to this song in the car, I found the marble for
my floor. It's a wonderful combination of brown, black, and creamy
designs. And it wasn't too expensive, so I have a little extra money

for what???

hmmm... maybe art... or maybe something from Ikea... Which would be
a nice drive while listening to new music.

I have a hunch this is a credits song. It sounds so much like those
anime songs where the characters are out on a drive. It gives me the

same good feelings of a happy ending or an interlude before the next
episode starts. working sunday music.

now I'm taking the family to Hellboy.

=E3=83=92=E3=83=88=E3=83=AA=E3=82=B8=E3=83=A1 4:23 =E3=82=B0=E3=83=9F=
CardCaptor Sakura-=E3=82=AB=E3=83=BC=E3=83=89=E3=82=AD=E3=83=A3=E3=
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=83=A9 10/17/06 12:22 AM Soundtrack 192 kbps =

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2011-05-28 19:47:48

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