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2457.000 sotd: 20080714: monday firsts blog
Today, I had my first un-subscription. I've been saving a song for
unsubscribing. So if any of you want to unsubscribe, just let me
know!. I welcome all unsubscribers; plus, you get a special song for
unsubscribing! (Or conversely, I will torture you with one last
audio missive... )

Alternatively, if any of you would rather receive the emails without
having the songs attached, let me know. It would be just as easy for
me to switch the whole list to a url format. If you have a
preference let me know.


Today is Monday, and I have a cache of new music. This first one
seems to win out over all the others because it sounds Monday-ish to me.

Whos Mammie 3:43 Mr Fantastical Inner-dimensional Solo Collaborative
7/14/08 9:41 AM 7/14/08 10:09 AM trip hop/electronic/experimental 1
320 kbps 8.6 MB

(downsampled for your email convenience)


2011-05-28 19:47:48

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