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2462.000 sotd: 20080721: finally blog
Did you have an awesome weekend?

I did. It started Thursday night... I think. I played Bubble Bobble
with my oldest friend and we beat it. It only took me 22 years.

I picked apricots with friends yesterday, so more jam is on the way
for anyone who wants a sample, and I put doown super cool marble tile
in the bathroom.

Saturday night, I saw the most awesome performance at Kilby court,
where I only caught a couple songs!

I'll send something out about that soon enough.

today I'm sending some 8-bit joy because I've been really rocking out
to it in my car. Maybe it was all the Bubble Bobble "endorfuns" and
Qix like fun.

Helix Nebula 2:55 Anamanaguchi Power Supply 4/11/07 6:22 PM 7/21/08
12:42 PM 1 192 kbps 4.1 MB


2011-05-28 19:47:48

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