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yesterday was an adventure day to Goblin Valley and Capitol Reef.

We listened to much music. And I watched some Spirited Away while
Dorian drove. Spirited Away goes with Goblin Valley really well, but

I didn't think about it until just now. It was remarked that many
goblins look like various Pokemon.

=E7=A5=9E=E3=81=95=E3=81=BE=E9=81=94 3:00 =E4=B9=85=E7=9F=B3=E8=AD=B2=
Spirited Away - =E5=8D=83=E3=81=A8=E5=8D=83=E5=B0=8B=E3=81=AE=E7=A5=
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9/6/06 10:46 AM 3/5/08 11:06 AM Soundtrack 2
192 kbps 4.2 MB

One thing about watching the movie is how often I paused it. partly
to talk to Dorian and partly to look at the pictures closely, or just
to check the road, or where we were going.

One picture from the movie really inspired me. It's one of the vases
in Yubaba's apartment that Chihoro walks by. It's a great image all
on it's own. It has me thinking...

oh, and I wondered about the basalts scattered all over the place.
how did they get there?

what would cause such big debris flows?

Sometimes it's easy to feel that the stones or mountains are alive...
that they are beings of their own... quietly waiting... patient.
Clearly the black ones have moved all around. I've always felt that
animism is a powerful way to understand and interact with the world.
When I first viscerally understood that idea, it was in Southern
Utah... spirited away.

link to google route:

One place we went was here:

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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