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2468.000 sotd: 20080728: first mega mix song blog
I've put in a new mega mix, and this is the first song.

Listening to the new "July 08 mega mix" on the drive home from
southern utah I found a few parts I didn't like, but I like the first
song. it has a certain hot summer monday feel to it.

Indecipherable - The Love Of Apricot Blossom Stream 2:11 Various
Artists Teen Dance Music From China And Malaysia 6/6/08 10:23 AM
7/28/08 3:17 PM Reggae 3 222 kbps (VBR) 3.5 MB

01 Indecipherable - The Love Of Apricot Blossom Stream.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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