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2470.000 sotd: 20080731: I like this song oh it's .... blog
I like this song. And I like how it starts. I like the groove and
the "do do do".

so it was a nice surprise that it turned out to be Duran Duran.

you may have noticed that I have not been sending out a song EVERY
SINGLE DAY. well, I have a house guest, and I've been busy at work
and trying to recover from taking the weekend for fun... still need
to grout the floor for instance.

And in that vein, I made some more apricot jam this morning.

and the batch of jam from two weeks ago that I thought was not so
good, turned itself into something rather spectacular.

does that mean saki is the best secret ingredient ever? I'll find
out with this batch of apricot... see what happens.

anyone want to be a guinea pig?

Taste The Summer 3:53 Duran Duran Astronaut 4/6/08 6:05 PM 7/31/08
1:20 PM Pop 3 192 kbps 5.4 MB

07 Taste The Summer.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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