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I had the song of the day yesterday, but I didn't send it out. Upon
hearing it on my super mega mix, all I could think was "And now back
to our regularly scheduled program", after a week of travels and
doing stuff and living "on vacation".

But Monday was crazy busy, and full of deep insights that mean
what? I'll have to wait and see.

This mornings deep insight is this:

The internet is so cool because there are so many little things that
make it cool. Certainly the underlying tech is cool and useful and
very inspiring, but what makes the web and the net so cool, what has
always made things interesting to other people is how much there
is... how much variety of things are on the net. everyone that adds
one more thing, one more program, one more article, a wikipedia, a
search engine, a store, a blog, a game, a song, a picture. It all
adds up. It all accretes to form something continually getting more
and more important and interesting.

of course that idea of a thousand little continuous accretions is
something that might be useful in my own little project.

but for now,

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Action Plus 2:41 Ventures Walk-Don't Run--the Best of the Ventures
9/6/06 10:44 AM 8/5/08 12:16 PM Rock 4 192 kbps 3.7 MB

Until I looked up what song it was on my megamix, I assumed it was a
modern piece redone to sound like some sixties surf music... I guess
I should have known it was only the best surf guitar band ever. Why
is it I like the TV sounds of 60's and 70's shows I saw as reruns as
a kid? I guess they are pretty happy.

21 Action Plus.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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