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2476.000 sotd: 20080811: yeah yeah... blog
so not to many songs of the day lately. just not too inspired...
perhaps oversaturated? or perhaps the coolest things I've heard, I
don't know how to get...

but this little tune is lovely.

oh, and are you watching the Olympics? Anyone see the 400m
freestyle relay yesterday? IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! Five of the
teams beat the world record. And the US team beat it by over 3
seconds! As you all know, I love swimming, so it's been great fun
to watch. Last nights race was super close. it was FREAKING AWESOME!

So weit 4:58 Urbs Toujours le m=EAme film 6/6/08 10:23 AM 8/11/08 =
PM Electronic 2 179 kbps (VBR) 6.4 MB

01 So weit.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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