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2478.000 sotd: 20080813: early city blog
I had to wake up before 4 this morning to take my son and his
girlfriend to the airport for their trip to paris and germany. I
went to bed at 2, and of course slept fitfully for a whole 90 minutes.

I played todays song over and over as I drove back into the city with
the windows down. it was like driving at night, but it was early
morning. it did not feel like early morning at all. it was cool and

I was in love with the city as I drove up north temple, then up south
temple... for some reason south temple is one of my favorite
streets. from the airport (where the international terminal is open
in the morning!) to the center of the city, to the university of utah
in 20 minutes.

Salt Lake is so small and compact. it has so much going on. I love
the artistic and underground criticisms and expressions people make
about the city. the movies, the music, the weirdness. the wacky
church hegemony gives rise to an equally wacky counter point
underground that sneakily infuses so much. it felt like the whole
city was quiet and waiting for all the hustle and bustle of the day
to start. and who knows, maybe there will be more rebellious
expression and more wacky cult videos and more surprises for the city
to germinate and grow.

NO.1 3:13 BoA BEST OF SOUL 7/15/08 12:40 PM 8/13/08 2:50 PM
Electronica/Dance 2 192 kbps 4.5 MB

08 NO.1.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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