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I went into the office on Tuesday and did some good work. When I
really get into the groove, meaning no phone calls, and I can create
some software or web application, I listen to music. I often listen
to Secret Agent Radio from Somafm.

Secret Agent is interspersed with many wonderful samples from james
bond movies. But on that day, the first song that came out of my
speakers is today's song of the day. I knew what it was instantly,
and it just sounded so good. Right for that station, and right for
the inspiration of the moment. It took me back to the little family
room at my grandmother's house where I would watch the Rockford files
reruns on afternoon TV in the summer while she did laundry, or we
played chess, or as my brother and I were running in and out.

this version I've spliced together from how I remember the show
starting with a phone call to detective Jim Rockford followed by the
theme song I downloaded from Amazon. I think it's the same version I
heard on Secret Agent Radio, minus the phone call bit I added. I
love the guitar in it and it's 70's synthy sound.


Theme From The Rockford Files Phone Edit 3:15 Mike Post feat. Larry
Carlton Television Theme Songs 8/14/08 2:27 PM Pop 256 kbps 6.1 MB

20080814_The Rockford Files_with Phone Edit.mp3

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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