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2480.000 sotd: 20080824: oh I did forget... blog
here is the email song of the day I forgot to send out...

I've just not been in the mood. I haven't been inspired by much
music I have heard lately. My project is in the doldrums as I'm
trying to close a gap between theory and application, slowly working
and making little headway. I just haven't been listening to music
much lately and when I have, I have been generally uninspired (there
is a tiebreaking exception to that!)

But yesterday I heard this from my megamix, and it was so good I had
to send it out.

Maybe, as I keep learning with my project, I have to go back to the
beginning. Stick with basics.

for you, this probably means more electronica, which means the songs
are pretty much the same thing over and over with little variations....

oh, like this song!

Pandamonium 5:25 #1 The Mumbo Jumbo Band InsaneOmaniA 6/16/08 6:47
PM electronic Dance 320 kbps 12.5 MB

(downsized for convenience)


2011-05-28 19:47:48

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