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2481.000 sotd: 20080828: feeling pretty good blog
putting together my next mega mix, and I have all this good music!

I've downloaded way to much to listen too last month, and now as I
blew through it looking for songs, it all was so good. i did trash a
few things, but out of 30 albums or so, I dumped most of the songs
from only 2.

this is something on my current mix that played yesterday. It was
the first time I noticed the nice watery sound in the beginning. I
listened to so much It was in my dreams last night. lots of vocal
bits getting overlaid. It's weird and addicting.

I miss the olympics.

Red White and Green (Tennis Song) 3:22 James Limborg Music By James
Limborg (2007) 6/14/08 9:49 PM 8/28/08 1:53 PM experimental rock/
instrumental pop/easy listening/rock 3 320 kbps 7.9 MB

1-09 Red White and Green (Tennis Song).mp3

ps. Listening to the song now, I love how flat and buried the "bad"
is after "John Mcenroe and Jimmy Conners. Don't feel"
2011-05-28 19:47:48

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