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my deltoid muscles have been giving me a hard time. It's certainly better than it use to be, but it needs to get better. I like to swim and I don't like it hurting. So today I learned some things about what I'm doing, right and wrong. Here is a great article all around link. It has tons of good info on technique for strokes and how bad stroke causes injury.

Then these two excepts and exercises gave me insight into what I'm doing wrong. I have been rotating my arm (humerus) in mid pull, because I've been extending my hand away from my body, which causes me to rotate my arm in mid pull - pull through. I just did it it standing up again and it made a pop behind by my shoulder blade and my deltoid muscles DON'T LIKE IT. I'm going to practice my stroke the old way and work on my body rotation at the shoulder to.

"The keys to shoulder-friendly swimming technique are to avoid internal rotation during recovery and pullthrough, to reduce the extent and duration of forward reach, and to delay the application of pull forces until the leading hand has descended well below the position of long forward reach. ...

Try raising your arms over your head. Now, move them around. Better yet, mimic crawl and butterfly, straight overhead and reaching for the ceiling. Strive for maximum forward (upward) "extension" (actually forward flexion/abduction, in proper anatomic terms) as you rotate your hips. Can you feel the stress and strain?"


This all started by looking up "russian massage" which might mean "hand job" but I came across "russian sports massage" specificially here and here and how it applies to swimming. We'll see after today's swimming...

2011-05-28 19:47:48

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