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Khan Academy - Decimal Subtraction
20110729.000 I don't know what it is, but I really don't think about decimal subtraction correctly.

I've started doing the Khan Academy exercises. I gotta learn more math calculus and trig and linear algebras then move on from their to some other kinds of algebras (process algebra particularly). It has enough video game elements that I keep at it.

I finally got a streak of 17 on subtracting decimals! aaarghhh. But this is what doing 10 right in a row is supposed to teach. clearly, there is a kind of gap in my math thinking.

This is my 4th time and I've made it up to six, matching my last streak (and on to 17, where I again cratered). The lesson is, do the math the right way!

Also, I was inspired by this video of a talk given by Steve Yegge yesterday. Which is just a reminder that there is so much more we can be doing to make the world a better place. (I of course dug into the AI project and it makes me happy to do so - check it out!)
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Asemic writing
20110615.000 I've been stuck for a few days at the end of one section in my book. Confused about how to get to the next section. And then I remembered, just go forward the way I always do. Jump ahead and work backwards!

I've had dreams. Dreams where robots and artificial intelligence's have created a new language, and new kind of writing. Dreams where robots have gone a little crazy and started broadcasting pictures, and words, and strange writing, pictograms, and pictographs communicating something new.... something we cannot quite understand.

I sat down at a desk in the Library today and there was a book about Picasso's late work, called Painting against Time. I looked it up on Amazon. From there I discovered Asemic writing via Michael Jacobson listmania list... and I'm going to buy his book.
Now I have a name for the crazy ass little drawings I'm always doing.

A wikipedia search leads to experimental literature and pataphysics.

aaaaaahhhhhh.... I'm on the insane edge of representational bliss. YES.

and the initial essay Painting against Time by Werner Spies, in the Picasso book is excellent. It gave me a whole new perspective on Picasso's late work, and on my own. good stuff.
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Horse Porn
20110601.001 you can read this article on internet memes, and watch the Friday video (very catchy) but scroll down to the bottom and watch the video of an internet time traveler. it explains everything.

Or you can go to youtube and watch the "horse porn" video without reading all about memes...

I'm in your base killing your dudes...
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I don't like beat poetry slams
20110601.000 I read an article in Slate about Gil Scott-Heron:

And it got me rhyming that I don't like our modern beat poetry.

I don't like beat poetry slams:

this "poor me" poetry you sell
you vocalize it very well
but I hear it's pitter patter rhythm
opening on a door of pablum

your sound bops out all high falutin
a poor imitation of Gil Scott-Heron
Can you rhyme to a new beat?
or keep a sputterin "from the street"?

you claim you suffer for your art...
but I'm quite sure you drink and fart
which tells us of an easy life
without much fear and little strife

I crave to hear a deeper call
something better than this caterwaul
which whines and brays without inspiration
and leaves us craving some separation.

Back in the day, words brought us close
and stoked the flames within us most.
but now it seems your life's too good
a fake desperation inhabits the hood.

but please continue with your whines
I will from this platform resign
I do not wish to prance or pose
but remind you once four horseman road

their scattered gifts that touched us all
we could not escape their loathesome pall
but as spectators could for a moment be,
of shakespeare's sweet soliloquies .

so please dear poet give us more
something better than these beats of yours.
something good and bright and true
illuminate our minds through and through
inflame our hearts, birth us anew

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New Evernote Blogging tool!
20110528.000 I love evernote. I used to use my blog to keep track of little things and as a journal with pretty pictures. But since I started using Evernote, it has taken over all of that functionality. This has led to my blog languishing. But I've been working on a little tool that scrapes an evernote html export and generates entries into Mysql.

Does it work? If you are reading this and see the picture, the answer is yes!

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2567.000 I'm working on my AI... it's strange business
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Widespread Panic last night at the Rail.

They are like a 70's jam band with a conga percussionist... so there is a bit of Tito Puente jam in there too. Good stuff.

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2564.000 why the change... I don't know. just moving forward in that same lonely way, and trying to connect.

Hipstamatic on the iphone is fun.

images excite and inspire me.
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2563.000 Here is a great list of Utah Movie theaters since the dawn of time. When was Cinema in your face open? Look and find out.
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2562.000 I'm happy with the blog again. I finally added in the songs of the day and resorted the blog to deal with them. What do I do next? I think I have to start the arrival of minds blog and write some here and there... we'll see.
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2560.000 A friend asked about story ideas. And I couldn't think of anything better than something greek. Perhaps the story of Hylas. And that made me think of a poem I wrote 3 years ago.

Like the naiad Dryope, will you pull your Hylas
beneath the gentle waters of Pegae
when your eyes alight upon his moonlit form?
Will you spirit him beneath the liquid surface
with a kiss that hides him from his Argonauts?
And keep him from the frantic Heracles?

Will he live, immortal, with you ageless nymph,
to play, to love...?
Or will he be an echo of beauty?

What came from the love of Dryope and Hylas?
None have ever said.

Wikipedia is a good starting point

Waterhouse is wonderful of course
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2559.000 this is a test post after doing a source conversion, with new code from pip to pio.
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this is reminder to trust your own reasoning. there may be other unknown conditions, but that does not mean your own reasoning is flawed.
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2557.000 ah... finally! after this mornings very cold run, only warm when the sun was out, (today's high is 24), in new shoes, I weighed myself. 159.4 lbs. finally I broke the 160 barrier. my only strategy is to eat less, more vegetables and fruits overall, and it's okay to be hungry... the real trick is being to busy to eat though. I get very few take out lunches anymore because it's just so much food!

the runs and the swimming helps of course, but it's really all about managing how much carbon I consume. the runs and swims increase the carbon loss and eating less reduces carbon consumption. the body is a perfect example of the principle of conservation of mass. in the long term, breathe out more carbon than you eat. staying busy and focused in really helps.

The differing energy density of foods (fat, alcohols, carbohydrates and proteins) lies in their varying proportions of oxidizable carbon atoms. Release of energy from food follows transfer of electrons from carbon and hydrogen to carbon dioxide and water.

oxidized carbon is carbon dioxide. you only use the amount of carbon and hence calories in a day that you breathe out (more or less).

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2556.000 I take pictures from magazines that I think are interesting, this is a small cropped bit that I mucked with in painter.
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2555.000 Great Salt Lake, red, from the air. Shortly before or after this picture I snapped a pic that turned out blurry of a very tiny spiral jetty... one day...
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2554.000 laying in bed what do I see? a view in my bedroom

click the image to see a larger version.

Here is a detail of the Gil Leora photograph with the interesting shapes reflected off the plastic sleeve the photograph resides in.

I broke the glass of this ikea frame so I left the photo in it's sleeve to protect it. I really like Gil Leora's work. You can find some still available at Kayo Gallery.
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perusing pictures and I came across a little series that I like for it's colors and fleshy qualities. mirror shots are cool. taken in the morning just after I got out of bed.
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2551.000 Swimming in Lake Washingon 20091004 with Jesse & Ani
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2550.000 I guess it's time to start writing in the blog again. It's raining now. 1:39 am. I'm laying in bed half naked (the lower half) and listening the rain and wind through the french doors. cars go by, I can't sleep. I've been working on my book about representation and AI and maybe I'll have something tolerable this time.

It's been almost a year, and I've learned many things.

Tonight I swam 125 yards butterfly. The outside pool was turned short course and I did 2.5 laps of butterfly. I did a number of 75 yards. I guess over a week off of swimming hasn't been too bad for me. I've never butterflied that far before.

I like the sound and smell of rain.
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2549.000 new work coming soon...
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sotd: 20090209: You have spoken.
2548.000 The results are in. And i don't have any Partridge Family... though
I probably should. I don't have any Sean Cassidy... is there some
similarity there? I do have some Duran Duran, but one reader said
Adam Ants Wild Frontiers... which I don't have, but I'm going to get
it. And until then, I got this song, from that very album! (and one
other obviously).

Antmusic 3:35 Adam & The Ants/Adam Ant Antics in the Forbidden Zone


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sotd: 20090204: visiting from and returning to the 80's
2547.000 so I haven't sent out a song of the day for a few days. One reason is
because I didn't have enough sleep, and perhaps too much french toast
as I hung out with a listee back in town for a visit.

She is one of many people I know who have been getting into facebook
lately. And in some strange ways, reconnecting with people they knew
in the 80's. I bought my first album in the 80's. Do you remember
your first album?

Here is a hint about mine:

Beat It (Moby's Sub Mix) 6:13 Michael Jackson Zoolander

20090203_MichaelJackson_Beat It (Moby's Sub Mix).mp3
And today, I ignored everyone's text msgs because I was busy getting
my license, helmet, insurance, and riding around...

talk about going back to the 80's!

Who knew returning to 1985 would only cost me 800 + tax and licensing.
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sotd: 20090129: car ride to to 22
2546.000 The Georgians are incredibly fun to drive too. Roll the window down
(if it's warm enough) and enjoy the ride. Something about early
jazz, especially that tinny sound, makes me happy. Maybe it's too
much Tom and Jerry and Warner Bros. as a kid.

Snakes Hips 3:05 Georgians The Georgians 1922-1923

20090129_Georgians_Snakes Hips.mp3

You can find more Georgians on
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sotd: 20090128: writing is learning 100%
2545.000 I was going to say something about how writing is learning... but then
I guess that's really all I have on that subject.

writing is learning!

another 100% run day. And it was bloody cold out there tonight.

Here is a classic bit of electronica I heard on space station radio
while working at the Library. Last time it played on my computer was
8/15/05 6:37 PM... until now.

Where is a good place to go dancing?

Sad But New 7:30 Orbital In Sides (Bonus Disc)
*sotd_archive*/20090128_Orbital_Sad But New.mp3

oh, does anyone know how many neurons a jelly fish has?

20090128_Orbital_Sad But New.mp3

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sotd: 20090127: ted and you
2544.000 I watched another good TED talk.

It is by a favorite designer/artist of mine. David Carson. Near the
end of his talk he says something incredibly important. It's obvious
when you think about it, but it is so structurally dismissed in our

"As we get more technically driven, the importance of people becomes
more than it's ever been before. You have to utilize who YOU are in
your work. nobody else can do that. nobody else can pull from your
background, from your parents, your upbringing, your whole life
experience. If you allow that to happen. It's really the only way
you can do some unique work. And you are going to enjoy the work a
lot more as well." -David Carson

Here is a loopy little song to play in the background.

60's Porno Bird 5:48 General Narco 60
*sotd_archive*/20090127_GeneralNarco_Porno Bird.mp3

20090127_GeneralNarco_Porno Bird.mp3

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sotd: 20090126: listen
2543.000 It's snowing just past midnight. And here is today's song of the
day. Will you listen to it? You can read my, (insipid!?)
writings, and enjoy the pictures. But listen to today's song.
*sotd_archive*/20090126_JudyCollins_Song For
Sarajevo (i Dream Of Peace).mp3

Here is a link to an interview to one of yesterday's authors on her
view of relationships and marriage.

Why should there be a comparison of costs and benefits in relationships?

My answer to that question is because I am confronted by a problem.
Where can I make the biggest impact with my life in the world? Where
can i do the most good? And am I happy with that?

It is important to be who you are and do what makes you happy - don't
study to be a doctor if you would rather be a chef. there is real
value in leading an authentic life. and conversely, leading an
authentic life creates value.
What do I value and what is important to me? What about you?

I have a strong sense about some of the things I can and should do
with my life. (Un)fortunately, my interests are varied, and sometimes
contradictory. That is something I don't always understand. It takes
time and effort to figure out where I am going and what I am doing.
Let alone why I am doing it. Lots of missteps and blind alleys
usually ensue along with displays of ignorance. But anything of value
requires employing a wide range of strategies, adaptions, and
approaches. Overcoming obstacles, challenges, and barriers is the
path to achieve worthwhile goals. That's just the way it is. I think
that is what investing in life is about and why life can be so
interesting. Hopefully I am learning along the way.

Unsurprisingly, I like affectionate, loving relationships, with good
chemistry. But my actual experience of those is remarkably limited.

There is so much stuff that needs doing, that at some point I
seriously wonder if finding, or making efforts at generating and
promoting love is worth it. Especially when my efforts lead to few
benefits and often negative rewards.

I think love is worth it... but at what cost?

We all live in a span of limited time. There are important things
that need doing. There are interesting problems to solve. There is a
lot of learning to do. There is love to promote. --> There is love
to promote.

But love doesn't pay the bills or feed the kids. It doesn't deal with
the economic realities of life.

Are those realities, the prices we put on our economic desires, are
they the costs of love? Too often I think the costs are all there is.

Like many people, I am confronted by the exhortation: do important
work. I would hope we all are... never-mind I play too many video
games. Last week reminded me of this exhortation. We inaugurated a
new president. His inaugural address reminded me to commit to doing
important work. That's why I voted for him.

I'm disheartened that important work and love are mutually exclusive.
At least so far, in the relationships I have had, I've been unable to
afford both.

Today's song is all about doing something important and about
relationships. When I listen to it in the car, I think of Gaza as well
as Bosnia. Where people lost their children and their parents for,
well, for nothing really.

In the light of so many tragedies in the world, my own personal
concerns for happiness or love or a better life are actually rather
small. There are important things that need doing.

Song For Sarajevo (i Dream Of Peace) 4:47 Judy Collins All On A Wintry

*sotd_archive*/20090126_JudyCollins_Song For
Sarajevo (i Dream Of Peace).mp3

ps. Love is a verb.

20090126_JudyCollins_Song For Sarajevo (i Dream Of Peace).mp3

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sotd: 20090125: it's really all about the kids... or is it?
2542.000 continuing this trend of cost/benefits and relationship articles with
songs of the day I offer two articles and some thoughts about them:

The Eligible-Bachelor Paradox

The case for settling for Mr. Good Enough

A friend said the other day that it is easier for people to get
together when they are young; because, there is less baggage. After
thinking about the game theory/relationship articles, I don't believe
that is exactly right. Perhaps the costs to partner go up as women get
older. And those costs are measured by the performance, character,
income, beauty, intelligence, compatibility, and chemistry borne by
men. An older woman requires a better man than the ones she has
courted before. A young woman has fewer resources and underestimates
the costs of living (and child rearing), and has less experience (less
understanding and wealth). Thus, the costs of partnering for a younger
woman are lower. Is it that uncommon for an older woman to refer to a
young interloper as "cheap"?

This idea of rising costs rings true in my experience. Partly because
of children, as children are costly, especially in terms of time. So,
partnering with a single parent has obvious additional costs. But the
notion that, as the pools of unpaired women and men shrink, the
remaining women are more selective and/or that the remaining men are
less desirable. This is borne out by the dating stories I've heard
from women! It boggles the mind how badly men can act. I don't claim
to be any better in this regard.

So, what are the costs and benefits of a relationship? I think of
costs not only as expenses of $$ and time but also as negative
experiences. Benefits are thus increased $$, increased time, positive
experiences, perhaps most importantly, love and affection. But in a
world of limited resources (time), how do I generate the greatest
benefit? What does the most good, not only to myself and kids, but
for other people?

It's an interesting question that seems obvious when I consider the
costs and benefits of activities.

My own perception of relationships is explainable with this rubric of
costs and benefits. I tend to implicitly view relationships,
especially romantic relationships, as costly with few or no benefits.
I suspect this predisposition results from being impaired and
deprived. Not surprisingly, I've given up on that whole "celibate"
thing... it's been a source of deprivation - a benefits killer. But
abstaining has not shaped this negative view of relationships so much
as clarify it. I had reached that jaded viewpoint already in my post
kindergarten education. So, there are (more than) a few on this list,
romantic and not, to whom I should apologize for my reticent
behaviors. I think you know who you are, and if you wonder, well,
this apology is for you.

I'm pretty screwed in the head and trying to figure that out and put
it right. Sorry.

Only Mama Knows 4:18 Paul McCartney Memory Almost Full
*sotd_archive*/20090125_PaulMcCartney_Only Mama

04 Only Mama Knows.mp3

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sotd: 20090125: a day without a phone call
2541.000 So here is the first of a series of songs of the day. and it's another christmas tune. It could be schmaltzy, but I don't
think so. In fact, I expect to send out two songs from this same
album. The other song on my mega mix from this album invariably
makes me cry. But that is for another day.

I've been reading a series of articles. It started with this one:

Game Theory Explains Why You Can't Hurry Love:

I read it once and then went looking for it again to do some writing
and I came across this blog entry:

These bits of writing got me to thinking and writing about
relationships in terms of costs and benefits, or investments and
rewards. I'm not particularly fond of these kinds of approaches, but

I am fond of looking at problems with different models. And the
conclusion I came to is that my biggest relationship investments tend

to generate increased expenses and no rewards. Which probably means
I'm doing something wrong.

So juxtapose game theory and costs/benefits of relationships with
todays song. This song leaves me all warm and fuzzy. a positive
experience... a definite reward. It could be that I'm just getting
old though.

Let It Snow 3:10 Judy Collins All On A Wintry Night=09

*sotd_archive*/20090124_Judy_Collines_Let It

09 Let It Snow.mp3

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sotd: 20090122: insights and doctor visits
2540.000 I was x-rayed today! woot!

For years, I have dreaded going to the doctor. but oddly, I was quite
happy and excited about it. I figure I'm old enough to get a primary
care physician, and I haven't had a check up in over a decade. Plus,
I got to ask all the crazy questions I had about my body. I even
received some good answers!

I had lots of blood drawn for various tests and I got a good look at
my shoulder x-rays.

I came out of the clinic (which was mostly full of older people)
incredibly happy. I wonder why have I dreaded doctor visits in the
past? All I know is that this was great fun!

I've been thinking about relationships, doing some writing, and
reading interesting articles on that subject lately. It has inspired
a whole series of songs of the day.

but since I had so much fun at the doctors office, I thought it should
have it's own song of day.

Doctorin' The Tardis 3:39 Timelords Doctorin' The Tardis

*sotd_archive*/20090122_Doctorin' The Tardis.mp3

20090122_Doctorin' The Tardis.mp3

comment blog 2009-01-22 13:29:40

sotd: 20090117: 100% run
2539.000 my last run was the first run where there was NO WALKING. 100% run.
Did I finally figure out how to slow down a bit while slogging it up
south temple? Maybe so, who knows? If I run out of wind on the next
run, I'll let you know.

what I do know, is that lots of good songs replayed out of my iphone.
Not least of which, was flock of seagulls. One of my running songs
that didn't repeat was this one:

LSD 7:55 1200 Mics 1200 Mics


Which was very odd, it has played on so many runs.

As you'll notice, the song has a helicopter in it. As I ran down 11th
east with my hoodie on, I heard the sound of a helicopter passing over
head, transitioning from right to left. I was between songs and I
thought, well it's appropriate this song (LSD) starts playing...
except it was a real helicopter! Listen to it with headphones if you
can, or between speakers, and you'll hear the stereophonic joys of a
flying helicopter. Don't forget to turn it up a bit.

In fact, it's possible the helicopter I saw was the one pictured
below. But in a dark sky, I could only see blue and red flashing
lights barely illuminating it's underbelly and blades.

the question you have to ask yourself while looking at this picture
is: Is the helicopter falling?

song of the day:


ps. I would like some feedback on receiving the emails as urls
instead of as attachments. If you prefer attachments, I want to
know. Thanks!

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sotd: 20090114: a flash of insight
2538.000 All morning I've been working on some web development using my
software. For the technically inclined, it's a web framework that
provides easy interfaces to mysql using a cgi. It's built for low
volume websites. But it's dang useful for doing really complex
database interaction, and there is a lot of that going on in my project.

As i was looking at the code, I realized I was the the only one who
knew how it worked. It was not a good feeling. A strange sense of
longing and isolation came over me. How I would go about open
sourcing it?

Working alone all the time has some downsides. I felt like going on
a run, just to break that mood apart. instead I played PixelJunk's

I found something to brighten the mood:

Baby Portable Rock_short_(Baby Mexican Rock Version) 4:35 Pizzicato
Five Combinaison Spaciale EP

here is the url for the song: *sotd_archive*/20090114_PizzicatoFive_Baby
Portable Rock_short_(Baby Mexican Rock Version).mp3

And for those unable to see yesterdays christmassy picture:

comment blog 2009-01-14 14:26:47

sotd: 20090105: troy
2537.000 ;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

So I got sick on New Years Eve. i know who to blame... and no, they

don't read this list.

Friday, I spent time at home, just trying to feel better and I watched

Troy. I'm a sucker for a good Greek mythological story. And I
learned stuff too. Wikipedia is your friend.

Brisies --

And the spirit of the movie has stuck with me... through a variety of

dreams about paintings on both sides of panels, and strange small
animals in my garden, and sex, and more about painting and galleries.

Selfish love miyavi- 7
SAMURAI SESSIONS -We're KAVKI BOIZ- 7/28/08 7:07 PM 1/5/09 12:50 AM

Rock 3 192 kbps 9.4 MB

20090105_Miyavi_Selfish love.mp3
comment blog 2009-01-05 00:58:56

sotd: 20081229: it's a new year.
2536.000 This week between holidays is always a personal favorite.

I've been sleeping on the floor, both figuratively and literally. And
a phrase has been playing through my head when I lay dow: "Just a
little tenderness..."

Tenderness 3:38 General Public Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest
Hits, Vol. 4 9/6/06 10:44 AM 12/29/08 1:50 PM Pop 5 192 kbps 5 MB

I suppose it is the start of a new year.

4-14 Tenderness.mp3

comment blog 2008-12-29 14:09:52

sotd: 20081207: blue and crafty
2535.000 here is a song of the day. It celebrates my installation of painter
10. which finally, FINALLY, lets me use really long names for
images. and here is the first pic I made using "acrylic glazing"

I listened to this song on Wednesday's run. As I ran down Fifth
South, I thought this song would make a perfect sly dig on Ms. X when
I saw here later that week. No doubt it would have been too subtle.

Then I found out Ms. "M" bought this tiny painting of Shiloh Jackson's
awesome scissors. they are pretty crafty scissors. Ms. "M" scored
a great little bit of paint, no doubt with her crafty skills. I felt
kinda cheated... well, listen to the song, you might get the idea.

She's Crafty 3:35 Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill 8/28/08 1:07 AM 12/3/08
11:51 PM Hip Hop/Rap 1 192 kbps 5 MB

03 She's Crafty.mp3
comment blog 2008-12-07 23:45:55

sotd: 20081204: electric run
2534.000 So i went for a midnight run last night. And the past two times, this
song has come on, and both times I have to crank it up the second time
and really enjoy it. What's odd, is that it shuffled on at almost the
exact same spot on my run. Is University St "electric avenue"?

And for those not in the know, I have a whole new web cam. It's my
iphone! I can send pics to my website any time I want. I've wanted
this functionality for a long time. I was just too lazy to write the
code that would extract emailed pics from sidekick. but with the
iphone I don't have too. totally worth 4.99

I like my shoes. especially that shoe at the bottom. sperry
topsiders are so so so comfy! almost as comfy as my new underwear.
maybe I'll take a picture of those next time.

Electric Avenue 3:48 Eddy Grant Killer On The Rampage Reggae 4
11/29/08 6:34 PM

01 Electric Avenue.mp3
notes: ftp cam can be found here:
comment blog 2008-12-04 14:43:43

2533.000 song of the day:

So i went for a midnight run last night. And the past two times, this song has come on, and both times I have to crank it up the second time and really enjoy it. What's odd, is that it shuffled on at almost the exact same spot on my run. Is University St "electric avenue"?

And for those not in the know, I have a whole new web cam. It's my iphone! I can send pics to my website any time I want. I've wanted this functionality for a long time. I was just too lazy to write the code that would extract emailed pics from sidekick. but with the iphone I don't have too. totally worth 4.99 FTP Cam

I like my shoes. especially that shoe at the bottom. sperry topsiders are so so so comfy! almost as comfy as my new underwear. maybe I'll take a picture of those next time.

Electric Avenue 3:48 Eddy Grant Killer On The Rampage Reggae 4 11/29/08 6:34 PM

comment blog 2008-12-04 14:40:27

2532.000 sunrise and sunset information. Notice we're losing more in the morning than the evening... why is that?
comment blog 2008-12-01 15:47:38

sotd: 20081201: where I like to work
Where I like to work

Song of the day:
Up Down Left Right (ft. Acradian Burn) 3:31 johnnyhumanoid ccMixter
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2530.000 *empty*
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2529.000 play rock paper scissors with an AI from iteration labs

I chose paper. We tied.
Okay, ready.

I have played a total of 36601 games. I've won 41.704% of those -- 33% would be chance. (10532 ties, 15264 wins, 10805 losses.) strat3 (25, 19, 27, 26, 22, 7)

Against me, you've won 30 games, lost 21 games, and tied 19 games.

notice that it has won less than 33% of games. it's not particularly difficult to perceive it's pattern, but it evolves enough that it gets interesting.
comment blog 2008-11-30 00:21:53

2528.000 Ross Douthat wrote: Is pornography adultery?
the Meese Commission on Pornography declared, ďIn both clinical and experimental settings, exposure to sexually violent materials has indicated an increase in the likelihood of aggression.Ē It all sounded plausibleóbut between 1980 and 2004, an era in which porn became more available, and in more varieties, the rate of reported sexual violence dropped, and by 85 percent. Correlation isnít necessarily causation, but the sharpness of the decline at least suggests that porn may reduce sexual violence, by providing an outlet for some potential sex offenders. (Indeed, the best way to deter a rapist might be to hook him up with a high-speed Internet connection: in a 2006 study, the Clemson economist Todd Kendall found that a 10 percent increase in Internet access is associated with a 7 percent decline in reported rapes.)

I've wonder if this is true? the whole article is interesting, thought I don't know if I agree with his premise, at the end which is:
Go back to Philip Weissís pal and listen to him talk: Porn captures these women before they get smart Ö Itís painful to say, but thatís your boysí night out. This is the language of a man who has accepted, not as a temporary lapse but as a permanent and necessary aspect of his married life, a paid sexual relationship with women other than his wife. And itís the language of a man who has internalized a view of marriage as a sexual prison, rendered bearable only by frequent online furloughs with women more easily exploited than his spouse.

Calling porn a form of adultery isnít about pretending that we can make it disappear. The temptation will always be there, and of course people will give in to it. Iíve looked at porn; if youíre male and breathing, chances are so have you. Rather, itís about what sort of people we aspire to be: how we define our ideals, how we draw the lines in our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves if we cross them. And itís about providing a way for everyone involved, men and women alikeówhether theyíre using porn or merely tolerating itóto think about what, precisely, theyíre involving themselves in, and whether they should reconsider.


Which is precisely why itís so easy to say that the spread of pornography means that weíre just taking a turn, where sex and fidelity are concerned, toward realism, toward adulthood, toward sophistication. All we have to give up to get there is our sense of decency.
the only thing I can think at the end is, what part of sex is "decent"? I mean, does Ross only do missionary with his clothes on? I don't dismiss the direction or impetus behind his argument. But I do disagree with where he ends up. Do I give up my sense of decency by looking at, nee, masturbating to porn? I guess that could only be true if masturbating to a fantasy in my mind is also indecent... or in a book... oh, I do have some sexy comics...

which brings us to another, not often considered observation:

Disabled Porn Star, Yoshihiko Kumashino, is a founder of NOIR, a nonprofit set up to support the sexuality of people with physical disabilities. The name is deliberately inspired by the noir genre. As well as holding educational seminars, NOIR works to improve disabled access to love hotels and brothels, and assists in the design of "barrier-free" sex toys.

One of NOIR's sex toys is a small pink vibrator attached to a long curved handle that is easy to grip. The booth also displayed a hard-core porn video starring Kumashino.

check out the squishy doll boobies!

And perhaps that brings us front and center to the question of is masturbation infidelity?
And while the clichť is that it's the sex-starved husband who is driven to furtively spending some "me" time in the bathroom, research shows that most men's masturbation habits have nothing to do with how often they have sex.

Of course, my sex life is only masturbation and some porn. but that is a sad and sordid tale for another day...
comment blog 2008-11-29 03:07:19

2527.000 *empty*
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sotd: 20081120: captured midnight mood
2526.000 11:59 pm. Just got home from a run. I walked more than I
"should". thinking... perhaps the problem is "libido"?

here is the groove that captured my mood. The song has a quality of
not wanting to end. That's how I felt on my run. I wanted to keep
going... thinking. My body was tired. where would I go?

Miami 4:42 Chin Chin Chin Chin 6/23/08 1:34 PM 8/14/08 1:02 PM
Electronic 1 193 kbps (VBR) 6.6 MB

20081120_Chin Chin_Chin Chin_1_Miami.mp3
comment blog 2008-11-20 03:26:38

2525.000 Paris taxidermy shop. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I guess next time I got to Paris, it's definitely on the list.
comment blog 2008-11-19 15:24:21

sotd: 20081119: nothing to shadows
2524.000 I wanted to do a song of the day... I really did. but nothing seemed
very good. then I started finding things. then I worked on an
image... and then I discovered the georgians. And magnatune turns
out to be really cool... even if you can't download individual songs.

I had to choose a song to go with this picture because I like the
shadow shape so much, and it's blueness.

Roots Fi Cool 3:11 Burning Babylon Knives To The Treble 11/19/08 1:39
PM 11/19/08 1:43 PM Electronic 1 197 kbps (VBR) 4.5 MB

01-Roots Fi Cool-Burning Babylon-vbr.mp3
comment blog 2008-11-19 14:01:22

2523.000 *empty*
comment blog 2008-11-19 14:00:10

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