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sotd: 20080704: falling in love with the devil
comment blog 2008-07-04 17:08:04

sotd: 20080704: An American Composer
2447.000 The Fourth of July. What does it mean? What does freedom mean?

I think freedom and liberty promise to provide two great
opportunities to people. One is that they can be audacious. The
other is that they can live with integrity. All the inventiveness
and creativity of America seems to spring from those two sources.
When the US leads, you see integrity and audacity both on display.
That is perhaps why America always has the quality of being young.
Because youth inevitable seeks integrity and is naturally audacious.

Acting with integrity and audacity is fundamental to self-reliance.

And like many people, Emerson's essays were an enlightenment in my
youth and still are today. Tthe essays were both audacious and
espoused a deep integrity. Something I did not see on much display
as a young person. Emerson's essays helped awaken me to the
possibility that you can actually MAKE a better life as an act of
integrity and audacity.

I'm sure today we will hear about how freedom requires sacrifice.
I've never quite believed that. My experience tells me that a
commitment to integrity and audacity require sacrifice. Freedom and

liberty are the fruits of that labor.

The Declaration of Independence was an act of audacity and a profound

act of personal integrity for the signatories.

When I think about our current political leaders, I think about how
easily they abandoned their oaths to defend and support the
Constitution. And I wonder, how did we get here? How did we get
to a place where the President, the Vice-President, and the bulk of
the Congress and Senate abandoned Habeas Corpus with almost no

The constitution in Article one, Section nine states:
"The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended,
unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may
require it."

And I wonder, if you or I took an oath to defend and support the
Constitution, would you so easily ignore this one clause? What kind
of integrity is required to abandon Habeas Corpus? Or is that just
audacity on display? This president is certainly audacious. And he

certainly pays lip service to freedom. But freedom is also freedom
of conscience. Freedom of conscience is about integrity.

I don't see that in our current political and media environment,
where legislators don't even read the bills they vote on.

As an example: Did you know the United States just removed Nelson
Mandela off the terrorist watch list?


What is so insidious is not that Mandela should be on the list. He
SHOULD! He is a known terrorist. He worked with the ANC in violent
conflict against apartheid rule in South Africa. What is insidious,
is that it's an EMBARRASSMENT he is on the list. Not that the list
itself is the problem.

And here is the rub: George Washington was a terrorist. Why isn't
he on the list?

When will integrity come back to America? Only when each of us
insists on it. We allow the media, the media elite, the celebrity,
the pundit, the critic, the politician to disparage acts of
integrity. The naive sensibility of honesty is so easily ridiculed
by the media or political insider -- the honest questions are so
easily glossed over by the "expert". That is where the real danger
lies. Each time we lose or sacrifice or ignore integrity we
sacrifice our freedom.

Audacity, that is not tempered by integrity becomes hubris and
perhaps tyranny.

Company III 1:50 Adele Anthony-Ulster Orchestra-Takuo Yuasa =
Glass Violin Concerto 9/6/06 10:45 AM 7/4/08 11:47 AM Classical =
3 192
kbps 2.6 MB



ps. My favorite founding father is Benjamin Franklin. He had
integrity and audacity in great measure.

03 Company III.mp3

comment blog 2008-07-04 13:29:41

sotd: 20080703: sounds like driving music
2446.000 So Purr Bats were awesome at the Arts Fest. And after Elek came
upstairs wearing the purr bats shirt, that was as good an excuse as
any. Plus it went well with the image I was working on below.

I'm arting out. I've been checking out Gerhard Richter's paintings
(never mind the little cache I scored last night at kayo). Looking
at Richters paintings, I love them! But oddly, I don't really go for
the Richter-esque wash technique I see in so much local art. I
JUST DON'T GET IT! The Richter paintings look like they were fun
to paint. (Especially the "messy" abstracts which remind of some
recent Dennis Philips work) But it's that quality of fun that
attracts me to them. Fun to paint, fun to look at.

Fun to paint. Some of my very early memories are of making
watercolor abstracts by folding the paper to make accidents with the
colors and shapes . And the fun I had looking at them when I opened
them back up. Why was one better than an another? How does a good
one get made? How can you tell the difference? It's funny how 35+
years later, I'm still exploring the ideas I found interesting then.

Ferocious Fire-Breathering Frou-Frous 4:43 Purr Bats And The Cows
Came Home In Pirouette 6/29/08 2:34 PM 7/3/08 11:05 AM Children's
Music 3 192 kbps 6.5 MB

01 Ferocious Fire-Breathering Frou-Frous.mp3

comment blog 2008-07-03 11:57:33

sotd: 20080702: outcast turbans
2445.000 All my projects seem to extend. It's no wonder i like video games.
It gives me a sense of accomplishment. The bathroom just reveals
more to be fixed. eg, the wall.

Here are some outcaste beats. That's actually kinda how I feel!

Tonight is a benefit/auction? at Kayo Gallery at 8p. I got invited,
so I'm passing on the invite to the list. I was told by Shiloh it's
an auction...maybe I'll find something yummy. Guess that means I
should have ramen today.

Niraj Chag: The Firefly 5:38 Niraj Chag Untouchable Outcaste Beats
Vol. 1 9/6/06 10:44 AM 3/7/06 4:38 PM Unclassifiable 2 192 kbps 7.8 MB

12 Niraj Chag_ The Firefly.mp3

comment blog 2008-07-02 12:43:51

sotd: 20080701: I like the music
2444.000 Well, it's been almost 10 days, and I am now finally going to put the
floor down in the new bathroom. Right after I finish eating my
peanut butter and apricot jam sandwich. I cracked open the last jar
of last years Apricot jam. It's a runny but oh so delicious batch.
Those of you with apricot trees have to tell me once they start
turning orange! The best apricot jam comes from still green
apricots. And if anyone on the list wants some, just let me know.

oh, the toasted Gourmandies bread heats up the peanut butter. it's
yummy oozy deliciousness.

But I was going to talk about the bathroom floor. I spent a good
part of Saturday and Sunday working on it. It was so out of level,
i had to piece together a level structure underneath. It should be
much stronger now. I used a box of stainless steel twisty nails I
bought for
super cheap. And it's almost all redwood, so it should not rot out
like the last one. And now it's LEVEL! ...or very nearly.

I'm quite sure that if I had good music playing the whole time, I
probably would have been more productive. Of course, no country,
and nothing to sappy or sleepy.

something like this perhaps, which I've been playing in the car.

Bubblegun 3:40 Bubblegun 100% Martian Milk 3/5/08 11:23 PM
Electronic 212 kbps (VBR) 5.6 MB

02 Bubblegun.mp3

I wonder if we should give the bathroom a name when it's finished? I
wonder if I should paint the walls all cool and wacky?
Maybe I could "quilt" the walls and everyone paint in a square?
comment blog 2008-07-01 11:02:15

sotd: 20080630: arthole at a festival
2443.000 I spent an evening and a couple dark hours at the arts festival.
Wish I could have spent more time. I didn't see everything I wanted
to, but I did catch Purr Bats ( http://purrbats.com/ ) and got a
couple of their tshirts on Friday. I saw Pink Lightning on Saturday,
and got a tshirt. Both were FREAKING AWESOME!

The first day I avoided buying any art. But when I went back at
10:30 on Saturday to see Pink Lightning, that all changed. I picked
up a great little glass piece by Julie Stutznegger ( http://
stutsnegger.wordpress.com ) and I just couldn't get some flies out of
my head. One of my favorite artists, Erin Berrett, ( http://
ewbpaintings.com ) had painted these little flies that I kept
thinking about.

Her paintings are simultaneously painterly, and not painted at all.
They have a quality of arising from the paint itself. The paint is
both thick and thin and makes the pictures look like they came about
from some sort of pigmentary auto-genesis. And they almost always
have horizon lines. Something I myself have enjoyed exploring for
it's own sake.

So here are the two flies I bought and a song to go with them.
Initially, I liked the one on top. but I've become enamored of the
bottom one as it sits on my desk. There is a small divot of paint in
the upper left of the bottom painting that is barely visible in the
photo. I really like it. I love that the flies have a quality of
menace to them too.

Fly 5:40 Cornelius Point 9/6/06 10:43 AM 6/30/08 11:44 AM Electronica/
Dance 7 192 kbps 7.8 MB

10 Fly.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-30 12:29:54

sotd: 20080628: hey baby
2442.000 went to the arts fest yesterday. saw PurrBats! bought their new
album and a couple tshirts.

I'm going again tonight to see Pink Angel. Maybe buy some art.
Probably around 8ish.

And I helped take out some trees. Hopefully that will lead to lots
of good tomatoes.

Now I gotta get to work on that bathroom.

Hey Baby 3:46 Mocean Worker Aural & Hearty 9/6/06 10:45 AM 6/28/08
2:20 PM Electronica/Dance 5 192 kbps 5.2 MB

02 Hey Baby.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-28 14:39:13

sotd: 20080627: what song for trees?
2441.000 Taking out some trees today. Took forever to find the right song.

The Wanton Song 4:10 Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti (Disc 2) 9/6/06
10:45 AM 1/30/05 11:36 AM Rock 1 192 kbps 5.8 MB

2-06 The Wanton Song.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-27 10:16:29

sotd: 20080626: did I mention the chicken?
2440.000 I think Buckethead is cool. the music is really interesting, and the
guitar playing is AWESOME. His songs are crazy good. He plays with
some amazing people. And it's weird stuff, coming from somewhere
else. I love that. Go look up buckethead.

He's coming to Salt Lake in September.

So here is a smattering of Buckethead. I didn't imagine my first
four-some (well, not my first...) was going to be with KFC!

Recreational Cryonics 1:26 Buckethead Funnel Weaver 6/14/08 11:53 AM
6/26/08 1:46 PM Alternative 2 257 kbps (VBR) 2.7 MB

Bantam Rising 1:45 Buckethead Funnel Weaver 6/14/08 11:53 AM 6/26/08
2:30 AM Alternative 1 252 kbps (VBR) 3.2 MB

=85 1:34 Buckethead Population Override 6/13/08 3:54 PM =
6/26/08 1:45 PM
Alternative 1 248 kbps (VBR) 2.8 MB

Sky Drones 0:58 Buckethead Funnel Weaver 6/14/08 11:53 AM
Alternative 253 kbps (VBR) 1.8 MB

My bed is so comfy.

comment blog 2008-06-26 14:04:55

sotd: 20080625: diablo rides to where?
2439.000 I don't usually wake up making a larger representational connection
between complex ideas. I go to bed that way, after working on a
problem and have my head full of those connections, but to wake up
that way yesterday was SWEET.

Yesterday's dream put me in a good mood all day. I got yelled at and
argued with and practically called a liar and it didn't seem to
matter. Because that is just one of those things that might lead to
an outcome that is cool or interesting or good. Nearly everything
was funny, I could see it's humorous side.

Why? What is the difference between yesterday and a craptacular
day? I had some ideas in my head, I had some interesting feelings at
the start of my day. I had a different attitude about things. Our
ability to manipulate our perceptions is really extraordinary. To
transcend a momentary experience, to be open to the possibility of
good experiences and outcomes as a result of the moments difficult
decisions, even wrong decisions and mistakes is a powerful idea.

An idea that means not having to live under the yoke of the devil.
It means errors of judgement, a scarlet letter, can become a symbol
of an otherwise unattainable reward and beauty. It's like any
talent, both a blessing and a curse, a regret and a reward.
Mistakes of all sorts can be useful. In art making, mistakes often
lead to wonderful and otherwise unknown opportunities and insights.

Do you want to change some mistakes in the past? What would you give
up by doing that? Is it really worth it? In the moment you are
faced with a momentous choice, perhaps a great mistake, how do you
choose? (I always find a little Kant and universalized moral value
comes in handy here). Either way, it's good to remember that
whatever happens, big choices, right or wrong, inevitably lead to
treasured outcomes (and sometimes treasured regrets)

Perhaps, trying to follow some grandiose rule, like proving love, or
whatever rule is the flavor of the day, is the wrong approach - to
transcend or penetrate the attraction and deception of obedience.
Act on the underlying impetus to do good, to improve, to have fun, to
(perhaps foolishly) engage a challenge in good humor, and show some
enthusiasm. --- That should make for some really interesting mistakes.

Where do your mistakes lead?

Where does the devil take you for a ride?

Diablo (The Devil Rides Out Mix) 6:33 The Grid Music For Dancing
9/6/06 10:46 AM 6/25/08 1:22 PM Electronica/Dance 6 192 kbps 9 MB

20080625_Grid_Diablo (The Devil Rides Out Mix).mp3

mp3 downsampled for your email convenience
comment blog 2008-06-25 13:30:43

sotd: 20080624: No Subject0
2438.000 I had a dream this morning. It involved a kid that had a detachable
arm that he beat up other kids with. The devil had made him lose
his arm in a crazy mini-formula one race. There were all sorts of
tragedies from the devil's meddling. But each one had wonderful,
weird, and humorous outcomes that otherwise would never have happened.

At the end of the dram, I worked in a large hall, like a giant
german beer/bratwurst house. All the giant tables were matched with
benches. We wore these orange outfits. Sort of like the outfit in
"Something Funny Happened on the way to the Forum" Somehow, Jesus
owned the restaurant, and when he was around, everything ran smooth.
But today, Jesus had left on business.

So the devil was there in disguise and was trying out different ways
to muck with the restaurant operation. One time he's a sexy babe
the distracts the guy waiters and gets them to screw up. It's always
hilarious to me, and it's the hilarity that turns me onto the fact
that the woman is the devil.

Then the devil becomes a griping employee that starts taking longer
and longer breaks, until at one point there are more employees taking
a break at the tables then there are people being served. I got mad
about that, but I did like how the orange color looked when you see
it from outside the restaurant. I started taking charge of getting
serving done, and making sure the cooks were on top of things because
we were falling so far behind and the line to get in was long. I
told the breaking employees if they wanted to break anymore they
could just go break at home and not come back, that got them mostly
back to work.

Then the devil changed into something really interesting. He just
made people messy. So all the patrons and the servers started just
dropping stuff on the floor and not picking it up. Finally the last
patron left and the floor was a HUGE MESS. It reminded me of
working at KFC and on super busy days we would clean up the kitchen,
which was really small, and it would have so much crap and water we
would slide around. This was the same, only the stuff was bigger.

The few remaining employees and I started cleaning up, moving the
tables to the side, sweeping up giant piles of food, and napkins, and
forks, and junk. There were lots of chicken wings and bones.

The devil started to make some trouble in the kitchen and somehow
that turned into a dessert treat, like a meringue, falling or
something from the noise. Which turned out to not be so bad,
because it meant we would get to eat it. It was going to be so
tasty. Yum.

We kept cleaning out front and then the dream goes hazy and somehow
Jesus comes back from his trip to check in on the restaurant and sees
the mess and pitches in. And soon the mess is all taken care of, and
it's a great feeling of accomplishment, which we would not have had
if not for the mess. The last thing Jesus and his general manager
do to clean the hall is close a door with a glass window that seems
to go to nowhere. The window is really weak and shakes at any
motion, and the devil is on the other side. He bangs on the window
but nothing happens. He is trapped there. somehow Jesus trapped
him on the other side of the door.

He is blue and tall. His skin is like that human bark stuff, and he
has little wiry hairs jutting here and there and a thatch of greasy
black hair atop his super pointy head. He's angry and ugly. He
turns away from the window in disgust.

I am full of good feeling from getting such a job done. I look at
the devil and it dawns on me that know one loves the devil, but if
you look at all the bad stuff he does, something good always comes
from it. It's like a strange curse that leads to wonderful things
and he doesn't even know he does this. I walk across the long room,
and open the door, and before he can turn around, I give him a hug
and tell him I love him.

I don't let go, but he just stands half turned in my hug. His wiry
hairs are sticking into my skin, and he smells bad, like trenches in
WW1 (go to the British War Museum to find out how that smelled!) He
is scaly, and fungal from his bark, and he is much taller than I am.
Like 7 or 8 feet. I just hug him and tell him I love him again.

Now, there is some story that if someone can prove they love the
devil, the devil will actually know love and then he will be free
from being the devil. He will be redeemed. But if the love isn't
true, then the devil could be free of his containment and go back to
his treacherous ways. At least that is the story in my dream.

And suddenly, I'm not hugging the devil anymore, but I'm in a doctors
office and this awesomely hot nurse is there. And not just hot, but
super hot to me. Someone else might think, yeah, hot, but not
perfectly hot. This was near perfect hot. My hormones start
raging. I'm sitting on the paper covered examination bench thingy
and she is sitting on the swivel stool, so I can look right down her
shirt, and smell her hair and it smells SO GOOD! She has on this
cream lacy camisole beneath her nurse outfit. She's not working it,
but is natural and flirty all at the same time. She leans into me
like she is going to start, um, touching me, and says:

"What you'll have to do is pierce your knee everyday with this needle
and drain the fluid" And she brings out a big needled syringe. It
looks mighty painful. "And you'll have to drink the fluid. If you
can do this everyday for one year, then I'll know you love me."

Now, this woman is so hot and the whole experience seems so
authentic, it's easy to say yes. But it dawns on me that it's a
nearly impossible task. Everyday the devil is going to be doing
things to make it hard to stab myself and drain fluid and drink it.
I mean, if I were the devil, it wouldn't take long before some
situation could be developed where I could do something good and
right and help someone out, OR, I could pierce my knee etc. Of
course, I would have to do the good/right thing, and skip the knee
piercing and then the devil would "win" and I would "prove" I didn't
love him and he would be out of his cage and back in business.

I chuckled at that. Because, here was the devil, and he was again
setting up a situation where an outcome was doing something good and
right. He can't win for losing. And because I saw the humor and
goodness in the despicable test, I realized the test was just a
deception. Which was even funnier. Because the deception leads to
doing something good; it leads to helping someone out. So I started
to laugh.

Suddenly I was overcome with that love, affection, and attraction
feeling that seems to only happen with a true lover.

That feeling you get when, after making love with your lover, you are
both in the kitchen, naked, making eggs and toast for breakfast. You
look at her butt and are overcome with how cute it is. And how
wonderful she is. There is some perfect cute buttness about her
butt, and that buttness is something that is yours. Even later,
when she thinks her butt is big, or looks bad, or has cellulite,
you'll still have the experience of awesomely cute buttness, and know
that she is completely wrong. It's the most damnably cute but ever!

And with this realization of your lovers butt, you gently squeeze up
behind her and press your body into hers and feel her butt with your
body and hug her. You tell her you love her. You kiss her neck, and
smell the sweat in her hair from your romp in bed. And for that
moment, before you go eat breakfast in bed, naked, with the person
that has the cutest of butts, everything is okay. it's perfect.
it's love. Even though you can feel your toes are cold, and your
floor is dirty. All the little things that are "wrong" are suddenly
"right", everything gets that glow of being in it's place.

And so there I was in the operating room awash in that same feeling
for the devil. (wacky, I know) It probably helped that the devil
looked like it had a hot butt. The devil could change how he/she
looked to be anything. That was amazing. It was like super hot
buttness. how cool is that? All the stuff the devil can do is so
cool. and it made me laugh, that his/her machinations would
inevitably lead to good things. and I looked at the devil and said,
"I love you". And then I'm back in the space behind the door hugging
the scaly blue monster devil and overwhelmed by how bad it smells,
but that is so okay. It is so right. That I could just have had
that experience is amazing, it just reinforces how cool and amazing
and beautiful the devil is.

I say "I love you devil". Then there is just this silence. I
squeeze the devil really hard and say "I love you" again. Then I let
go and walk back into the restaurant. Everyone who stayed to clean
up is mouth agape. Stunned that I would let the devil out, never
mind tell him I love him. the devil is just standing behind me
silent. And Jesus, who has a bowl type haircut and no beard is just
sitting on a table with his feet on the bench and looking at me with
a sort of smirk. Not surprised, but sort of pleased. Like he had
found a secret treasure and he was planning to have a big party to
share it with everyone and make them rich.

I woke up.

Devil Drums 3:42 The Raymond Scott Quintette Microphone Music 3/17/07
1:45 PM 6/24/08 12:54 PM Jazz 4 192 kbps 5.1 MB

1-07 Devil Drums.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-24 13:44:52

sotd: 20080623: getting transformed
2437.000 I can feel myself changing. things are different in my dreams.
lots of work to do. feelings of change. lots of work to do. I'm
getting a little excited,a little serious. like going to an airport,
where you can watch change in action.

Airport Feelings 3:25 Kinky Atlas 9/6/06 10:45 AM 3/22/05 10:45 PM
Latin 3 256 kbps 6.3 MB

06 Airport Feelings.mp3

ps. Happy Birthday Elek!
comment blog 2008-06-23 13:50:17

sotd: 20080622: working on the bathroom
2436.000 more asthma likely, but today should produce a new floor.

Bring Da Change 4:13 Chromatix Theme From The Score 9/6/06 10:46 AM
Jazz 192 kbps 5.8 MB

08 Bring Da Change.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-22 13:13:39

sotd: 20080621: wrecking a bathroom
2435.000 Tearing apart a bathroom today to fix it up. seems like the right

Wreck Up A Version - King Tubby And Friends 2:55 King Tubby Dub Gone
Crazy: The Evolution Of Dub At King Tubby's 1975-19 3/5/08 11:23 PM
5/27/08 10:49 AM Reggae 1 170 kbps (VBR) 3.6 MB

After tearing up the entire floor I've got the worse asthma attack.
As usual, I discovered the weirdest remodel craptacular went on
beneath the covers. At least it explains why the floor failed so badly.
comment blog 2008-06-21 19:17:59

sotd: 20080620: robot adventure
2434.000 I got home from my swim after fetching yummy broccoli cream soup from
Gourmandies at about 9pm. Then I played a damned addicting video
game for the next few hours.

You can find it here: http://www.rocksolidarcade.com/games/robokill/

It is a lot of shooting and running around, but it looks cool.
addictive in it's way... like Desktop Tower Defense, which I finally
beat on the fun swarm level the night before.

Ah these electronic bits. Pixels and audio.... so addictive. Here
is some 8bit music to enjoy today's stage. This is stage 20080620.
Can you find a secret room on this level? How do you get to the
next level? What do you need to unlock to level up? Better get
started, each stage has a time limit.

Robot Adventure Cloud Stage 3:09 Zabutom 8BP050 Bonus Disc III
12/19/06 10:27 AM 6/20/08 7:56 AM chiptune 4 192 kbps 4.4 MB

Robot Adventure Cloud Stage.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-20 08:10:27

I would gladly take the name Beta.
2433.000 Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth based on measurements he took 2248 years ago today.

Plus there is the Sieve of Eratosthenes. Which is such a cool idea. Why does it work that way? Why didn't I figure out that bit about the remaining primes once the square root of the biggest number is found. That's a trip. I've hovered around that idea for awhile when contemplating primes during my swims.

the only conclusion I come to is that there is so much more that can be done. or perhaps, do the math.
comment blog 2008-06-19 17:50:56

sotd: 20080619: long time coming two-fer
2432.000 This two-fer may come in two parts, because I have 4 versions of this
song. Today you will be receiving two of them. It's a Raymond
Scott original. It may sound familiar, Perhaps something from your
childhood? The Don Byron version has a different sound. Sometimes
I like one more than the other. It just depends on what kind of
sound intrigues at the moment.

Powerhouse 3:13 The Raymond Scott Quintette Microphone Music 3/17/07
1:54 PM 6/19/08 11:47 AM Jazz 1 192 kbps 4.5 MB

2-20 Powerhouse.mp3
Powerhouse 2:56 Don Byron Bug Music 9/6/06 10:45 AM 6/19/08 11:52 AM
Jazz 5 192 kbps 4.1 MB

11 Powerhouse.mp3

now I'm off to the dentist. These sound like dentisty songs I think.

Don't forget, you can find all of the songs of the day, including the
past two-fers at *sotd_archive*
comment blog 2008-06-19 12:04:11

sotd: 20080618: so much
2431.000 I've downloaded so much new music from Amie Street it's freaking
scary! Yesterday's song, by A Guy Called Gerald was just the tip
of the iceberg. And I think that whole album was free... or really

Below is a picture of an ant moving a nymph from one nest (in my
garage wall), along the clothesline in the backyard, to a small
catalpa tree, then down the leaves and into a nest in one of the
branches. Daniel discovered it yesterday. You can watch them move
across all day long. They are moving eggs and nymphs from the
garage into the catalpa. When each ant leaves the catalpa to go back
to the garage, they drop some detritus from the hole in the branch .

It's really cool.

I like the background colors of this picture, and the other ones I
took trying in vain to get the tiny ant in focus. the fuzzy green,
grey, and yellow background appeals all on its own.

today's song reminds me a little bit of Violent Femmes.

Fight and Kiss 3:50 Ghislain Poirier We Are Wolves vs. Ghislain
Poirier 6/17/08 12:31 PM 6/18/08 11:32 AM Electronic 3 250 kbps (VBR)
7.2 MB

20080618_GhislainPoirier_Fight and Kiss.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-18 11:48:31

sotd: 20080617: dreaded musical goodness
2430.000 I dreamed early this morning. stuck in a large stripped out office
building on some high up floor. It was overcast, windy, damp.
Something terrible was going to happen. I was trying to get all of
my kids clothes together. Why did we have so many tiny mismatched
socks? I couldn't put shoes on Dorian in time for the elevator. we
had to leave much behind. I wondered if Elek was okay. Where was
he? we were all in danger. something terrible was coming and we had
to go. there was a gently beautiful woman there with her kid too.
She was frightened but competent. Her toddler, like mine, was
clueless to the danger. Beauty and naivete in the whole weirdness
of evacuation.

Something terrible was coming. I couldn't take everything. someone
was putting the guts of a piano or a strange harp into the elevator.
I knew why they wanted to take it. It made such a beautiful
sound. It would be horrible to lose it. All I had were papers,
some gadgets and a chest of kids clothes.

I couldn't put on Dorian's shoes, I couldn't tie his laces. He was
coughing and swinging his little legs. Both of his feet could fit
into my hand, and I couldn't tie his shoes. Where was E? We were
all in danger. My children, so fragile. Why was I hauling all
these clothes when I knew what was coming? What would be the point?
I dreaded the outcome. Something so small, so fragile as Dorian was
not going to survive. Elek is even smaller. What could I do? Where
was Elek? It was coming. There wasn't time.

I woke up in a panic.

American Cars 5:27 A Guy Called Gerald To All Things What They Need
6/17/08 12:31 PM 6/17/08 12:47 PM Electronic 1 245 kbps (VBR) 9.6 MB


comment blog 2008-06-17 13:24:37

sotd: 20080616: yummy mystery
comment blog 2008-06-16 12:14:11

sotd: 20080616: No Subject0
2428.000 I like Cthulhu... or the idea of Cthulhu anyway. Ancient deities,
ancient mysteries, ancient creatures and their writing. I like weird
electronic space music too.

This song satisfies on so many levels. It sort of sounds like
waking up... slumbering mysteries.

Cthulhu On Mars 4:59 Krispen Hartung Mandolin from Mars 6/14/08 9:49
PM electronic Experimental 320 kbps 11.5 MB

20080616_KrispenHartung_Cthulhu On Mars.mp3

ps. my apologies if you received this twice. At 320kbps it's simply
too large for most (not gmail obviously) servers. I have downsampled
it to 192kbps for your email convenience.
comment blog 2008-06-16 11:56:45

sotd: 20080615: stg
2427.000 I checked out one reader's band last night.

The Salt Town Greasers!

They were hot and tight. Best I've seen them play. Very sexy.

Now I'm going swimming. I wonder if people should... at least the

Get Out Of My Way 2:04 Salt Town Greasers Salt Town Greasers 6/15/08
10:49 AM 6/15/08 11:00 AM Rock & Roll 1 192 kbps 2.9 MB

08 Get Out Of My Way.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-15 11:21:45

sotd: 20080613: the lesson of the day is evaluate
2426.000 Years ago I picked up a great book at Waking Owl books (the forbidden
bookstore). The book is called the Universal Traveler. It's about
the creative process. The book is full of little tricks and methods
to help solve creative problems. The book also lays out a process
for creative work. One step in the creative process is evaluation.
I skip that step too much I think.

After a good sleep last night, and waking up with dreams I thought
about evaluation as I stumbled into the bathroom, showered, shaved,
ate toast with crab-apple jelly, and finished off last nights

evaluating yesterday.

I have 3 favorite places to think about things. The shower, driving
around in my car, and laying in bed looking at the paintings. This
music would certainly be good for driving. And here is a view in my

A51 4:06 Junkie XL Junkie XL - music from SSX Blur 4/28/08 6:08 PM
6/13/08 10:59 AM Electronic 1 192 kbps 5.7 MB

1-06 A51.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-13 12:03:51

sotd: 20080612: like the fisch
2425.000 I screwed up. I totally forgot about a conference call this morning,
and I forgot to have the backup tape run last night. still waiting
for that third screw up.

Fisch Loop 2.9 1:49 Fisch Fisch Loops 2 9/6/06 10:46 AM 6/12/08 11:13
AM Electronic 4 192 kbps 2.5 MB

09 Fisch Loop 2.9.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-12 11:20:54

sotd: 20090611: songs to Bengal
2424.000 I had dreams this morning, awoken by a phone call. All I can remember is the music. Freedom by George Michael. I contemplated sending it out. But, I don't own it, and I'm not going to go download it. Maybe later. I wanted something to cleanse the palette.

I dug into my iTunes garden and it revealed so many good songs this morning. A jazz two-fer, some f**ed up chemical beats, some more china dub soundsystem (THEY ARE FREAKING AWESOME!), a doom song, something to cool down the dance floor, some russian love... oh, how about a flight to Calcutta ?

Flight Ic408 - State of Bengal 7:21 Talvin Singh Anokha: Soundz Of The Asian Underground 9/6/06 0:44 AM 5/5/05 10:15 PM Electronica/Dance 11 192 kbps 10.2 MB
20080611_Talvin_Singh_Flight Ic408 - State of Bengal.mp3

ps. this song was downsampled to 160kbps for your email
convenience. You can always find the songs of the day at *sotd_archive*
comment blog 2008-06-11 11:08:23

sotd: 20080610: middle east street
2423.000 I saw Zohan Sunday. It was pretty funny. I was thinking about
sending out this song as sort of a Zohanesque sound. And then I
thought nah, I'll send something else. And then Compusa sent me an
ad selling an HD tv. Guess what picture was inside the TV of the ad?


Duba Duba Si Hora - Shantel | Taraf de Ha=EFdouks 3:39 Various =
- Crammed Discs Electric Gypsyland 2 6/6/08 10:23 AM 6/10/08 9:14 AM

Reggae 1 195 kbps (VBR) 5.2 MB

comment blog 2008-06-10 11:44:14

sotd: 20080609: succulent coeds?
2422.000 Is this the Mondayist song or what? I'm sending it out now, that
way I won't forget!

Campus 2:57 Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend 3/22/08 10:05 AM 6/8/08
12:06 PM Alternative 2 252 kbps (VBR) 5.4 MB


comment blog 2008-06-09 01:50:38

sotd: 20080608: missed and robot
2421.000 it's pride weekend! and I missed it.

I also missed my favorite DJ Thursday night! ugh. Oh well. I know
I was working when he was jamming. Not much I could do about that.

At least I feel productive.

Here is something for the mellowness of a productive Sunday.

Robot Park 3:14 Podington Bear Haplessly Happy 4/9/08 12:45 AM 6/8/08
12:22 PM Electronic 1 202 kbps (VBR) 4.8 MB

Haplessly Happy_Podington Bear_3_Robot Park.mp3

comment blog 2008-06-08 12:29:34

2420.000 I spent some time reading James Polk Diary of a President at the library today. Not a particularly inquistive man. He's lucky there were good people in the government such as Trist to end the Mexican-American war and secure a treaty inspite of Polk's efforts at self sabotage.
comment blog 2008-06-07 16:13:48

sotd: 20080606: shi-shien 80's
2419.000 I was so busy yesterday I didn't send out a song of the day! It was
going to be a song with the word change in it. And then I found all
these other songs from the 80's using the word change. I could do a
whole series on "The philosophical and psycho-social meanings of
change as portrayed in popular music from the 1980's".

Instead of sending out a song about change, I'm going to make a
change...(yes MJ, I am going to make that change).

Last night I downloaded my monthly musical goodness from emusic. I
love emusic. Even if I download what at the time seems like crap, I
always enjoy it later. Now, I don't fret to much about what I get
like I used too. I look up something I like, I follow a few paths
through their GINORMOUS collection of music and get what sounds
cool. Knowing full well there is SO MUCH MORE. It's so
addicting. I might have to up my monthly quota.

This morning I listened to one of the tracks I downloaded last
night. It was so good it had to be the song of the day. I mean,
80's are nice, but new music is... well, it's new. And when you
meet someone new, that speaks chinese, you can say something like
"nee haow"

Beijing Taxi - Dave Wright, Zhang Wei 4:52 China Dub Soundsystem Made
In China 6/6/08 10:22 AM 6/6/08 10:30 AM Reggae 1 135 kbps (VBR) 4.8 MB

Made In China_China Dub Soundsystem_6_Beijing Taxi.mp3

going golfing today, driving up the canyon. I think I gotta add
Beijing Taxi to my mega mix CD.

comment blog 2008-06-06 11:57:14

sotd: 20080604: I had dreams last night...
2418.000 The phone woke me at 3 am and again at 8:30 so I didn't remember
them. it seems like they were nice... somehow I think I was running
around in just my cut-off shorts through a bunch of jungle like trees.

Mostly naked in hot summer rains.

cut-offs like in the 80's.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These - 80's hits 4:52 Eurythmics 9/6/06
10:45 AM 6/4/08 2:52 PM 1 128 kbps 4.5 MB

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These - 80's hits.mp3
comment blog 2008-06-04 14:59:03

sotd: 20080603: oh barbie...are you shy?
comment blog 2008-06-03 11:57:30

sotd: 20080603: i must be crazy
2416.000 when I woke up this morning, I was sick of 80's week. I was going
to give you something else. Then I listened to Dire Straits, and
thought, that's pretty good. then listened to Toto's Africa. I
LOVE that song. Then I remembered one album I really enjoyed from
working at the record store (d dub u's). The Ozzy Osbourne Randy
Rhoads tribute album. So I had to see if I could snag it from
Amazon. oh yeah. Then I wondered what Rhoads actually recorded with
Ozzy. Because one of my favorite songs by Ozzy is Crazy Train.

When I was young I really liked Crazy Train. I was thirteen when
it came out and I'm sure I would have only heard it on my brothers'
favorite radio station, Rock 103fm. Probably during one of their
music block parties. "modern" music was never particularly
appreciated at my house. And my older step brothers left me with a
distaste for hard rock as it played during the frequent bullying. I
would have never asked THEM whose song was playing. Like many things
at that age, it faded into history.

Until, one day at work, MTV played the crazy train video from Tribute
to Randy Rhoads. It was an awakening. Some dead music was suddenly
revived and given a name.

Crazy Train (Album Version) 4:56 Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz 6/3/08
10:40 AM 6/3/08 10:46 AM Rock 1 245 kbps (VBR) 8.8 MB

Rhoads playing is really good. He is credited as a writer for the

And here is the weird coincidence of the day.

Randy Rhoads started Quiet Riot.

Maybe I'll have to send that out after all...

20080603_Ozzy_Crazy Train.mp3

downsampled to 192kbps for your email convenience

find the past songs at *sotd_archive*
comment blog 2008-06-03 11:56:38

sotd: 20080602: oh barbie...are you shy?
2415.000 Saturday I made some weirdness with my kids. Plus I want to keep
that 80's theme going. Making today a two-fer!

So, here is the 80's song... I know a girl who used to be too shy.
Maybe that's what comes from growing up in Provo. You're not shy
now though are you!

Too Shy 3:45 Kajagoogoo Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits,
Vol. 1 10/30/07 12:47 PM 6/2/08 12:44 PM Rock 2 192 kbps 5.2 MB

20080602_Kajagoogoo_Too Shy.mp3
bullfrogsbarbie 1:03 calvin, dorian, elek 20080531-um 6/2/08 12:48 PM
6/2/08 12:49 PM 1 256 kbps 2 MB


comment blog 2008-06-02 12:58:30

sotd: 20080602: No Subject0
2414.000 *empty*
comment blog 2008-06-02 12:58:30

sotd: 20080601: is it time to have a week of 80's?
2413.000 It may be.

I wonder if that means I should send out some Quiet Riot...

Der Kommissar (german version) 3:53 Falco 1983 Feeling Cavalier - mix
jason miller 9/6/06 10:45 AM 2/28/08 12:31 PM 80's 4 192 kbps 5.4 MB

01 Der Kommissar (german version).mp3

Don't forget you can find all the songs at http://thearthole.net/
comment blog 2008-06-01 15:33:34

sotd: 20080531: driving to golf
2412.000 Yesterday, driving up the canyon the music was really good. I
listened to a couple tunes repeatedly. This was one of them:

Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me? 3:05 Hans Zimmer The Simpsons
Movie: The Music 10/28/07 1:01 PM Soundtrack 189 kbps (VBR) 4.2 MB

10 Why Does Everything I Whip Leave Me_.mp3
Thursday night I made a flyer for Casey and Chad of Disforia. I
think you might like it. You can find their music at http://

I like the colors and the picture. It's oranges we had on hand, and
it was inspired by a real can of concentrated oj!

off to work, then off to errands, and then off to swim
comment blog 2008-05-31 13:23:49

sotd: 20080530: song of the day - swinging
2411.000 I'm going swinging! woo hoo.

I'll be playing with some nice hard shafts and a bunch of balls.
Like life sometimes, I'm sure there will be many ups and downs. But
you just keep plugging away. I usually take humor in how badly
things can turn out... or how many balls i might lose in the water.
Such is life. it's very long, and there have been many lives before
mine and lots of worse things have happened. Lots of crazy, tragic,
hopeful, funny, loving, astounding, ordinary things have happened in
the world. And that is just today.

We could laugh. we could cry, we could be bored, or indifferent, or
clueless. we could stand on the sideline, or we can dance in the
middle. Or, we could do something completely different. (my
personal preference) Looking into the past, or even around the
world, one persons emotions can look really pretty small. I think
that fact is rather humorous. Especially when it's applied to me!

To realize just how crazy funny the world and life is, makes me
laugh. But even so, I tend to get mysteriously bummed out this
time of year. Maybe it's inevitable.

Many years ago today somebody died. And that is a bummer. But life
is interesting and funny. One tragedy inevitably leads to other
interesting things that otherwise would never have happened. Isn't
that strange?

If you remember, it can be hard to forget. I know some on this list
remember. She did like dancing.

So... [with soup Nazi voice] More dance music for you!

Go ahead and crank it. It sounds better loud. (and it sounds
awesome looped!)

I'm gonna go swinging. Maybe I'll get a hole in one, but I'll be
happy with triple bogies.

Bhangra Fever (Heavy Nitro Mix) 3:52 A Six Degrees Collection Six
Degrees Remixed 4/18/07 8:08 PM 11/22/07 2:34 AM Reggae 3 228 kbps
(VBR) 6.4 MB

06 Bhangra Fever (Heavy Nitro Mix).mp3

comment blog 2008-05-30 14:10:29

sotd: 20080529: it's raining
2410.000 I meant to do electronica all week, but the Cars and love sort of got
in the way. Which isn't at all bad.

So to get back in the groove, I offer a driving song... about love.

Sarah Mcleoud - He Doesn't Love You - Hooknsling RMX 6:04 Nico
Caliente My 9 to 5 1/6/08 8:10 PM 5/19/08 10:51 AM Electronic Dance
Music 3 192 kbps 8.4 MB

03 Sarah Mcleoud - He Doesn't Love You - Hooknsling RMX.mp3
since it's still raining and I took so many, I'll leave you with
another watery picture.

comment blog 2008-05-29 10:26:29

sotd: 20080528: angel-a
2409.000 I watched a great movie last night.

Angela or Angel-a not sure which.

It's directed by Luc Besson who made Fifth Element, another favorite

Really... Angel-a is a good movie. It's black and white and in
french. The french dialogue is fun, and I only get 1 out of 10 words.


What does worship mean? When you worship a person, what does that
mean? Do you worship your God? Do you worship your lover? Do you
deserve worship? Do you deserve love?

Isn't the whole world beautiful!?! Inside and out. Don't even the
lowliest creatures deserve adoration?

What do I reflect to the world? What do I immerse myself in?

Are you afraid of doing belly flops?

When you get out of the water, you might be cold. Take an extra
towel, especially with kids.

Tonight She Comes (LP Version) 3:55 The Cars Complete Greatest Hits
5/25/08 11:26 PM 5/28/08 11:08 AM Pop 2 256 kbps 7.3 MB

19 Tonight She Comes (LP Version).mp3

comment blog 2008-05-28 11:52:43

sotd: 20080527: ways out
2408.000 There are always ways out of a funk. One of them is underwater.

I swam yesterday. In the rain. And my butterfly is getting
better. I had a few 50 meter butterflies that didn't leave me wasted
at the end. And when they kicked us out of the pool because of the
bit of thunder, I did some butterfly inside. 25 yards of butterfly
is nothing! It used to be sort of hard. Longer pools are GREAT!

but I did more than swim.

I took my camera. The sky was uniformly grey, and I expected the
pool to be mostly empty in the rain. It wasn't! But I took some
pictures outside and then in. And when they opened up outside again,
I took more pictures. 1201 pictures of mostly water.

I discovered the high res rapid shooting function of my camera.
Lots of good water textures. What will I make from them? maybe a
wall of water.

While I waited for the outside pool to open, I made a video. I held
the camera in my right hand to shoot from the point of view of my
palm while doing a free style lap. The video captures the bubbly
fun of flip turns too!

You can watch it here:

Or find it linked from my blog: http://thearthole.net/arthole

You can count the strokes. And clearly, after the flip turn my
stroke is uneven.

This song sounds reminds me of the rhythm of a good swim.

Lemon Interupt 4:47 Minneapolis This Aint Trip Hop (Part One) 9/6/06
10:44 AM 5/27/08 11:20 AM Electronica/Dance 8 192 kbps 6.6 MB

1-10 Lemon Interupt.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-27 11:57:09

sotd: 20080526: lonely, deranged, giggling and screaming
2407.000 I have known what song I would send out today for almost 24 hours.
Which is highly unusual. Even if I think I know, by the time I send
the email I've picked out something else. But after yesterdays
confessional of fun, I just thought some good electronica would hit
the spot. What could be better than something from Lone Deranger?

plus, I still have some fun pictures from the LEDundercover series.
And this song seems to go with this picture so well.

Downsampled to 160 kbps for your email convenience:

Deranger 7:33 Hallucinogen The Lone Deranger 9/6/06 10:44 AM 5/26/08
12:56 PM Electronica/Dance 9 192 kbps 10.4 MB

comment blog 2008-05-26 13:40:59

sotd: 20080525: apropos
2406.000 Do you have a song you need? A song that you keep around because it
speaks a truth to you, and sometimes you need to hear what it says?

You know how sometimes a song can be such a clear and atriculate
expression of what you feel? How it tells a story to you... it tells

a story FOR you, one that you need to hear. A song that is honest,
but gives you some hope. And when you don't need it, it gives you
all the good feelings of being lucky and living a great life?

This is that song for me.

I've been saving it for awhile. I've been saving it for when I
needed it. I really needed it last night. That's why I'm sending
it out today.

Yesterday, after a great session in the library working on my
project, I was really high. I ran an errand looking at scooters
which only made things worse. When I got home I had a pressure in my

head to make something cool. I was inspired after seeing David
Lachapelle's Heaven and Hell at the library.


Lachapelle's imagery got me thinking about making stronger images.
More raw images. taking more risks. What kind of imagery would I
explore if there were no consequences... why do images have
consequences? heh, there's some childhood history to that question!

Lachapelle led me to lots of other cool stuff, particularly this:
by way of this: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/

and also these:

http://www.mfilomeno.com/ - lookup javier vallhonrat in film and photo

Right now my little project is the most important thing I do. I
covet the time I spend on it. But it sure would be nice to make some

cool imagery with someone, images with consequences. Play some
games. Have some fun. Make some saturated risque pictures. I had
this idea about LED's on-top and under bed covers...

So there I was with a creative and erotic buzz. Not some little
buzz, but a migraine of desire heightened by a visit to Craigslist,
and disappointed by a visit to PlentyofFish. Nearly 18 months of no

relationship and I've got nothing good to say about celibacy.
Poisoned, overheating, and miserable, I took off half my clothes and
crawled into bed where the lyrics of this song popped into my head.

You Can't Hurry Love (LP Version) 2:53 Phil Collins Hello, I =
Must Be
Going 5/25/08 10:31 AM 5/25/08 11:08 AM Pop 4 =
256 kbps 5.4 MB


This morning I woke up and wondered about give and take.

Everyday I've got a little energy. What can I do with it? Work on

something important that I think is super cool.

On Memorial Day weekend there are people to remember and people to
honor. How lucky am I? There is still a lot to do to make the
world a better place.

Maybe yesterday I was being haunted by ghosts. Maybe I just needed
some play time.

05 You Can't Hurry Love (LP Version).mp3

comment blog 2008-05-25 15:12:29

sotd: 20080524: had enough
2405.000 Today starts a new super mega mix. I don't know if there is anything

fancy in it. I made it way back in March or April and hoped to put
some little itty bitty tracks on on it. But I just haven't. I may
go to springfield art museum today to see the Wayne Thiebaud and if I

do, I want something new to drive too.

Springfield art museum: http://sma.nebo.edu/

This is the last track on the old megamix. I really dig it.

Lafayette 2:48 Benny Moten Wicked Swing 9/6/06 10:43 AM =
5/24/08 8:34
AM Jazz 7 198 kbps (VBR) 4 MB




14 Lafayette.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-24 13:19:38

sotd: 20080523: enthusiasm and love are a good combination.
2404.000 Wednesday night I caught the last little bit of American Idol. I
watched George Michael sing most of his song, and then found out
which David won. Apparently though, I missed Renaldo Lapuz.

One reader of this list sent me a link to the original youtube
performance of "We're Brothers Forever" by Renaldo.

Yes, it can be painful to watch. but what motivates Renaldo?

Is it fame?
Is it fun?
Is it just enthusiasm?
Is he genuine?
Did he do something good?

I can't help but think that it is all of the above.

I've listened to so many versions of this song now. It makes me happy.

I've ripped three version to my itunes. Here is the Muppet Mix by

Brothers Foever losfiendos Muppet Mix 2:48 Renaldo Lapuz =
rips 5/23/08 9:12 AM 5/23/08 9:25 AM 1 192 kbps =
3.9 MB



Brothers Foever losfiendos Muppet Mix.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-23 09:59:52

sotd: 20080522:

gripping clubs, dressing nice, off to the office to do...what? I
don't know. good dreams, skateboards lost in deep lakes, fairy tales
told to little girls, no we don't marry animals... that only happens
in fairy tales. running around through an old warehouse district.
it looked like the picture below.

making music... 2 songs in 2 days. And I get to work in the
Library today.

So hungry...

Poncho Cafe 4:49 Up, Bustle & Out One Colour Just Reflects Another
5/9/08 2:09 AM 5/21/08 4:23 PM Electronic 1 185 kbps (VBR) 6.4 MB

09 Poncho Cafe.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-22 13:22:09

sotd: 20080521: must have more fun... more fun learning...
2402.000 My PS3 is broken, and my friends bike burned up, and magical Dennis
can find last saturday's music rips in the usual place.

For the rest of you ----->

Cherry Blossom Color Season 6:15 Yu Miyake, Katamari Company Jr.
Katamari Damacy Soundtrack "Katamari Fortissimo Damacy" 9/6/06 10:46
AM 9/6/06 2:34 PM Game 1 185 kbps (VBR) 8.3 MB

16 Cherry Blossom Color Season.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-21 14:15:53

sotd: 20080520: driving home from working in the gathering dark
2401.000 working at the library. picking up food from little world. driving
home to work some more. making progress. standing still. alone in
the car.

Orly-Narita 5:10 Kahimi Karie K.K.K.K.K. 12/16/07 1:50 PM 12/23/07
10:27 PM Alternative 1 208 kbps (VBR) 7.8 MB

09 Orly-Narita.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-20 09:59:19

sotd: 20080519: save me speed!
2400.000 my malaise continues, until I remembered what I saw yesterday. I saw
Speed Racer

It was awesome! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The plot is
not very complicated, the action is super fun, all the cut scenes and
swipes are just like the cartoon on hallucinogens. I really really
liked it. It was inspirational. The weakest character was Cruncher
Blok, but then he always was. To bad they never showed the robo
bird camera.

The whole family was well done. But, I loved how they handled Racer X.

It left me giddy and excited. All the colors. Yes, it's always
about the colors with me. It was visually very fun. And the jumping
of the car. I love that sound!

It WAS Speed Racer.

And even though I don't usually go for brunettes, Trixie was hot.
So ,with that I give you my one and only speed racer song.

It's probably not a good idea to play it out loud at work... Speed
and Trixie they... well... you'll find out.

Go Speed Go 4:15 DJ Keoki Disco Death Race 2000 9/6/06 10:44 AM
5/19/08 11:06 AM Electronica/Dance 4 192 kbps 5.9 MB

02 Go Speed Go.mp3

comment blog 2008-05-19 11:38:45

sotd: 20080519: overwhelmed
comment blog 2008-05-19 10:47:26

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